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And The Skinny Bitch said: Help… I’ve Been Swallowed by a Fat Chick

 Please welcome Rachael to the sofa. 

So I used to be this really skinny bitch that other girls couldn’t stand. I could eat anything at anytime and still never gain an ounce. I couldn’t understand why other girls always had a problem with me. I just figured they were fat because they had no self control or discipline, ate all the time and never exercised. It really upset me when they refused to have their picture taken next to me or invite me to go shopping with them. I thought they were a bunch of selfish bitches.  

Well, that was then and this is now.  Today I am close to joining the fat club. I desperately need some advice from all the chubby girls out there, that know where I am coming from. I heard that once you’re over 40 the fat chick moves in, but how can I stop this fat chick from taking over my soul? I want to be that skinny bitch that all the fat chicks hate. What advice do you have?   

Girls can you help? jj


December 4, 2008 Posted by | confessions | , , , , | 3 Comments