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Confessions of a Ex-girlfriend Turned Stalker

boyfriend stalkerPlease welcome Amy to the sofa.

I hate to admit it but I have been stalking my ex. It happens late at night when I can’t sleep. Or on the days when I feel so alone. I drive by his house, call his new girlfriend and hang up, or leave messages on his Myspace. Sometimes I park across the street from his girlfriend’s place hoping to catch a glimpse of them thru the window. Recently I hit a new low and started peeking in her windows. I still fantasize about him and have been thinking of showing up at his door around 2:00 am in nothing but my black leather coat and tall lace-up boots. I can’t help myself.  He was the best sex I ever had and my first true love. I want him back.

Javajune: Sounds like you got it bad girl. My advice is put your leather coat and the sexy boots to better use and just move on.


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I Slept with My Boss and That’s not the Worst of it

Please welcome Desperate Deb to the sofa.

I’ve seen what’s under the bosses suit and I liked it. A lot of people I know have had sex with their boss so what’s the big deal? I just wanted to make a little more money and a promotion. I’ve worked really hard and deserve to get ahead. Well, that’s what I told myself. It started with a little innocent flirting that progressed into a pretty hot sexual encounter in the bosses office. I didn’t feel bad about it and I did get a raise. He has made it quite clear that it was only a one nighter but I want so much more. I think I’m in love with my boss. I never guessed this would happen. So now what?

Readers do you have any advice for Desperate Deb?


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