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I stole my neighbors dog

Please welcome Bob to the sofa.

I am an animal lover who was left with no choice- so I stole my neighbors dog.  He is a heartless idiot who left his beagle outside in the cold Michigan winter without food or water. One morning I just couldn’t take seeing her tied out in the yard freezing to death, so I walked right over and just took her – no remorse. I didn’t care if that bastard saw me or called the police. I gave her to my brother’s friend where she will be loved and have a warm place to sleep every night.

My idiot neighbor came over that night and asked if I’d seen his dog. I lied and said that I hadn’t seen a thing. There should be a law that forbids assholes and idiots from becoming dog owners or parents.

Junie: I love your heroic action. I’m sure the dog thanks you every night he sleeps in a warm bed with a full belly. Good job Bob!


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