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I stole my neighbors dog

Please welcome Bob to the sofa.

I am an animal lover who was left with no choice- so I stole my neighbors dog.  He is a heartless idiot who left his beagle outside in the cold Michigan winter without food or water. One morning I just couldn’t take seeing her tied out in the yard freezing to death, so I walked right over and just took her – no remorse. I didn’t care if that bastard saw me or called the police. I gave her to my brother’s friend where she will be loved and have a warm place to sleep every night.

My idiot neighbor came over that night and asked if I’d seen his dog. I lied and said that I hadn’t seen a thing. There should be a law that forbids assholes and idiots from becoming dog owners or parents.

Junie: I love your heroic action. I’m sure the dog thanks you every night he sleeps in a warm bed with a full belly. Good job Bob!


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  1. I am so glad that the dog is doing well!

    Comment by Sara | December 13, 2008

  2. Dogs are people too, I have 3 of my own. I just dont understand how some can be so heartless!

    Comment by Betty | December 13, 2008

  3. Thank you for your comments Betty and Sara. Bob is a hero.

    Comment by javajune | December 14, 2008

  4. If that’s the way the were going to treat the dog, don’t sweat it. The dog is in a better place.

    Comment by Ricardo | December 14, 2008

  5. I just stole a dog tonight too although it was not my neighbor. I found him wandering around on the street on my way back from work. After some sweet talking I was able to get him to come near me. I asked around and found out that his owner had a stroke and the dog is being watched by his friend. I drove to his friend house to give the dog back to find out they’re crackheads.His gf thanked me and said swill make sure the dog doesn’t get out anymore by tightening up his collar. I I asked around some more and found out that this dog had been tied outside for more than a few weeks now with very little food and water. I drove home to get on with my life but for some reason I cannot get him out of my head. So after dinner, I drove back and stole the dog. I will find a good home for him…….

    Comment by furloughed | February 7, 2009

  6. Dear furloughed,
    Good for you and the dog!

    Comment by javajune | February 9, 2009

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