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My Boyfriend is Black and My Parents are Racists

Please welcome Missy to the sofa.

Christmas is going to be hell this year. I have a new boyfriend and we really want to spend the Holidays together, but my family is going to be a problem. Most of my family members, including my parents, are a bunch of  closed- minded racists. They won’t understand when I show up at the door with my black boyfriend. They would cringe at even the thought of it.  I have avoided telling them about my new relationship to avoid their wrath but now the time has come to spill the beans.

If I tell them in advance we won’t be welcome and yes, they will go as far as uninviting me. If I show up with him unannounced, they won’t have time to react and I’m hoping that throughout the day, they will learn to see him as a person and maybe even like him. It could get very uncomfortable and I have warned him but we really want our relationship to work and keep ties with our families.  He has agreed to give my family a chance.  Does anyone out there have any advice for us?

Junie: Missy this sounds like a rough Holiday for you and your boyfriend. It ‘s really too bad that you have to deal with this kind of prejudice at all. You are a lucky girl to have a wonderful boyfriend who is willing to subject himself to this kind of behavior for you.  Good Luck and Happy Holidays.


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