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Dear John, I’m in Love with your Brother

Please welcome Lana to the sofa.

I think I’m  in love with your brother. It must have happened when you introduced us at the bar a few weeks ago. There was an undeniable attraction between us that I hadn’t expected. We tried to resist but it eventually took over and became impossible to ignore. We have been seeing each other for the past two weeks and I just can’t keep it a secret any longer. He wants me to wait until after the holidays to tell you.  But this is killing me and I don’t want to wait.

I’m sorry that it happened and that I lied to you. Please forgive me, forgive us. We didn’t mean to hurt you.

Junie:  I think you need to be honest with John as soon as possible. Waiting until after the Holidays, will just prolong the agony for everyone. Good luck Lana.


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