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Lover or Loser

Please welcome Meme to the sofa.

You said you loved me but now I’m not so sure. I’ve seen you with the other girls and it doesn’t look good. You are a flirt and I definitely don’t trust you. Who is the caller that rings you in the middle of the night, when we are together? Every-time you are AWOL you have no explanation. You get angry when I ask your where-abouts. I didn’t believe you when you said the panties I found in your car belonged to a girl you’d dated long before me. You said you loved me but I think it was just a ploy, to keep me on the hook.  When we go out, your eyes wander past every girl in the room. I sense that your friends are covering for you and that I am the last one to know the truth. If you truly love me, you will be honest about your indiscretions and commit to the girl who has held your head when you were sick and drove you home when you were two sheets to the wind. You say you love me but I need proof.

Junie: I hope he truly loves you and provides the sign that proves it.  Good luck with your relationship.


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