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My Lies Could Get Me Canned

Please welcome Tom to the sofa.

I am in way over my head. I lied on my resume just to get the job and it worked. I said that I had experience in certain computer programs that I do not. I claimed to have a master’s degree but I never even graduated from college. I claimed to have balanced an office budget, calculated payroll and the list goes on and on. My lies are starting to catch up to me. I have been asked to fill in for a department head while she is on maternity leave and I have no f-ing idea what I’m doing.

I needed the job, so I thought it would be okay to embellish my resume just a little. Well, my just a little ended up to be a lot but it did get me the job. Now my competence is being called into question and I look plain stupid. There is no way that I can just tell the truth because I will lose my job  (my house, my family) for sure.  I’m drowning because I can’t swim. Somebody please throw me a life raft!

Junie: You have found yourself up a creek without a paddle. I think many people do what you did but never get called on it. Times are tough out there keep doggie paddling and maybe you’ll make it out of the pool. (Sorry for the word play- I couldn’t resist)


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