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Is this unrequitted Love?

Please  welcome Ricky to the sofa

I’m not a dating loser but I am really confused and need a little help. I have been dating this chick  for a few weeks now and I really like her but something really weird happened last night. I thought we were getting close, I thought I was really getting to know her, then blamo it happened. She showed up at the restaurant with her two kids. She said she couldn’t find a babysitter. Not so bad right? Wrong!  I didn’t know she had kids. What the hell! Did I miss a sign? Do you think I’m blind? Is this her way of saying ,so long sucker- I’m really not that into you.  Are the kids some kind of secret weapon? She acted like it was no big thing, introduced her kids and carried on like nothing was out of the ordinary. I think I sat with my mouth open most of the evening. Did I mention that I really, really liked this chick and I thought we were getting somewhere in our relationship?

Junie: I think you nailed it,when you said, “how weird. ” Are you sure you didn’t miss her mentioning the kids? Is this a deal breaker or do you like her enough to dig a little deeper into the relationship?


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This May Be a Deal Breaker

Please welcome Deedra to the sofa.

The long hours, miserable co-workers and that ass of a boss are now dead to me. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to find a way to escape the misery. My hubby wouldn’t understand, if I told him the truth about what really happened. He was shocked that I was let go because he knows that I’m conscientious and work very hard. I told him I was fired for one little mistake,  but the that’s just a lie. I felt compelled to lie because of our financial situation-not good. I hope he never finds out the truth, it could be a deal breaker.  The truth is that I wanted to get fired and made a series of mistakes while hoping it would negate  my permanent dismissal. All I feel now is relief from the every day torture of going to a job I hated with people that I had absolutely nothing in common with. I’m finally free and it feels good.

Junie: Misery in the work place is all too common and sometimes leads us to desperate measures.  It’s too bad you can’t share your feelings with your husband. I’m glad you’re free and hope you can find employment in this tough economy.


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