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This May Be a Deal Breaker

Please welcome Deedra to the sofa.

The long hours, miserable co-workers and that ass of a boss are now dead to me. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to find a way to escape the misery. My hubby wouldn’t understand, if I told him the truth about what really happened. He was shocked that I was let go because he knows that I’m conscientious and work very hard. I told him I was fired for one little mistake,  but the that’s just a lie. I felt compelled to lie because of our financial situation-not good. I hope he never finds out the truth, it could be a deal breaker.  The truth is that I wanted to get fired and made a series of mistakes while hoping it would negate  my permanent dismissal. All I feel now is relief from the every day torture of going to a job I hated with people that I had absolutely nothing in common with. I’m finally free and it feels good.

Junie: Misery in the work place is all too common and sometimes leads us to desperate measures.  It’s too bad you can’t share your feelings with your husband. I’m glad you’re free and hope you can find employment in this tough economy.


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  1. Deedra I too was TOTALLY miserable at my job and was not really that upset about being fired either. It just happened about a month ago. Actually, I felt like I was being tortured also. People talked about how miserable I looked and so on. I was. I couldn’t hide it anymore. I even started suffering from numerous health issues which were starting to get serious enough that my quality of life was getting effected. You are out of a bad situation now and while we all need to work we should not have to put up with that.

    I don’t know your husband but I would not want anyone I cared for in that type of environment. So if this happened to a girlfriend of mine or something and she told me what you told us here, I would not fault her one bit. I would try and be supportive and understanding. Now there are some people that think “you are nothing without a job.” That is not true. You have no income at the moment but you are still someone. And if a bad job is going to destroy you from the inside out, all the paychecks in the world aren’t worth it.

    Comment by Ricardo | January 5, 2009

  2. deedra, that job does sound like it was killing you, so you’re much better off being out of it! no matter how bad the economy, your face & smile & good attitude you have now, will be a job winner in the future!

    Comment by libby | January 5, 2009

  3. Join the War on Bad Bosses by having a Bad Boss Tagged at bosstrenz

    Comment by Harry Paul | August 3, 2009

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