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Do I Look Fat To You?

Please welcome Cheri to the sofa.

I hate my body. When I look in the mirror all I see is a fat girl staring back at me. I’m not over weight according to standard medical charts but I feel fat. I’m not sure when it all started but it is getting out of control. I have started binging and purging on a regular basis now. Is it all in my head or do I really look fat? I just don’t know anymore. I have tried to stop my eating disorder by focusing on other things like a new hobby or exercise. Nothing seems to work. I don’t want to destroy my health but I can’t bear the thought of being over weight. I wish I could see what other people see when they look at me or maybe I don’t.

Junie: Cheri my guess is that the fat girl in the mirror is only visable to you. If you are not over weight by medical standards then the image you have of yourself isn’t real. Get some medical help before the b&b takes a toll on your health. Good luck.


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  1. cheri, this is a hard thing to deal with by yourself. please, if you can, find a close friend or family member you trust, to help you with this? because binging & purging is a horrible way to live. you honestly deserve a better life than that! it’s hard to be a slave to ANYTHING, food, smoking, sex…and I know you’re stronger than this! I don’t know you, but I have faith in you, if only because you’ve been strong enough to take the first step in writing here.

    Comment by libby | January 7, 2009

  2. No, no, no. Please do not do this to yourself. It is indeed in your head as JJ states and according to women I know who have had eating disorders, that is where the real problem is. Please get help for this as doing this stuff for a long period of time can have serious consequences.

    Comment by Ricardo | January 9, 2009

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