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Gifting Circle Madness

velvet-sofaHappy New Year Sofa Diary readers. I thought I would break into your regularly scheduled confessions to talk a little about a hot topic here on Javajune’s blog. Some time ago I posted my confession about being tempted to join a gifting circle of friends and since then we’ve had a confession from a woman who joined a gifting circle in her area.  I would like to open the floor (sofa) up for questions, comments and truths about these groups that seem to be popping up everywhere across the country right now. We have had comments for and against their existence on the two previous posts.

For those of you who don’t have clue about Gifting Circles the following is a brief description of how they work. Of course it is my take on the matter and I myself am not involved in one, so if I misspeak please feel free to correct me. Gifting Circles involve a group of people who come together for the soul purpose of  making money and friends. Each member contributes a sum of money, 5k seems to be popular, and the person in the receiver postion collects all the money. Then new blood is brought in with their money and the next person in line collects the dough. It could take months, weeks or even years for you to collect depending on how quickly your group gets new members and where you are in the circle.

I have been told it is an illegal pyramid scheme by some and that is not illegal or a pyramid scheme by others. This topic is one of the most hit-on subjects on my blog and generates a lot of controversial discussion and comments. Feel free to throw your 2 cents or 5k in (just kidding) and tell us what you know or think about the matter. The tough economic times and lousy stock market seem to generating a few new money making ideas out there. I have to admit that it all sounds very enticing but mostly just interesting.


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An Addiction to Vicodin is Controlling My Life

Please welcome Liz to the sofa.

My addiction started innocently enough. I hurt my back while shoveling the driveway.  The doctor prescribed Vicodin for the pain. It was a miracle drug. The pain was gone and I felt great; a little too great. Before I knew it I was hooked and would do almost anything to get my Vicodin. I have stolen money from friends and family. I associate with people who have criminal records to get my fix. It has been difficult to be an addict and maintain a full-time job. I keep my job just for the cash flow to feed my addiction. It takes a front seat to everything. I want to break free but I am so afraid of a life without my fix. My New Year’s resolution is to get help and kick this habit for good; wish me luck.

Junie: The fact that you are determined to kick the habit is an excellent start. Don’t give up trying to quit. I wish you all the luck.


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