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I’m a Cat-killing Coward

Please welcome Raven to the sofa.

The other day while pulling out of my driveway on my way to work I heard a big thump. When I got out of the car I was horrified to see my neighbor’s cat squashed beneath my tires. I panicked and threw him into my truck. Then I stopped by an open field on my way to the office and buried him under a pile of brush. Why didn’t I do the neighborly thing and go next door to say I’m sorry but I accidentally killed your cat? Well, I’m new to the neighborhood and didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Besides it wouldn’t make Buttons any less dead, now would it? I did feel aweful  the next day when the neighborhood kids were putting up fliers and going door to door to see if anyone had seen him. I love animals and I do feel terrible but it was an accident.  I am such a coward.

Junie: You’re right Raven it was an accident and telling them wouldn’t bring Buttons back but it would give the owner some closure. They may keep looking for him for a long time.


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Confessions of a Daydreamer


I just had to let you in on my day dream. Yes it’s a fantasy, but we are allowed those. I was cool hunting this morning and came across my dream job. I admit I am a bit of a cloudy headed day dreamer, silly heart and all around crazy girl with her feet always partially off the ground.  Well,  you didn’t expect that  June Cleaver was running this blog did you?

How would you like to get paid to walk the beach, snorkel the barrier reef, take pictures, and keep a daily blog about your activities? Did I mention that a modest pay of $150,000 Aussie dollars ($105,000 us) comes with this fabulous job? No I’m not suffering from cabin fever or indulging in one of my winter fantasies. I assure you this is real ! So real that I am jumping up and down while gazing out my window that is blanketed in a thick layer of snow which promises to continue amidst the dipping temperatures that will be in the single digits by dinner time. This would be my fantasy job. I love, love the beach and everything about the sea. I’m all over it. Want to take a peek for yourself? Check it out right here. Yes, Yes, I’m there !!! Where do I sign up, you say. Your next statement will probably be…help the employment link doesn’t work.
Can you say system overload?

Get in the long line of crazy, blog addicted, sun starved, unemployed individuals just itching for the chance to be island caretaker to Hamilton Island’s Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This list includes yours truly. Although I haven’t applied yet, I have been dreaming about what it would be like.
Why- you ask- would the Queensland state government offer such a position. It’s a way to promote tourism for the beautiful land of Oz. Not too shabby for a temp job. This fab position does end after a six month contract and yes that means you must vacate the island of your dreams.

This past year proved to be a tough year of disappointment for many. Maybe this is a sign of what’s to come in 2009…who knows. These are crazy times we live in.

Just thought I would give my friends a peek into this crazy head of mine for just a moment. Now back to your regularly scheduled confessions.


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