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What do you really want?

img_0160_1-2Hey friends and Sofa Diary readers I’m back from my Laws of Attraction workshop. I not only survived but I loved it. I sat in  the presence of people from all walks of life, who had come together to make a positive change in their lives.  Most were in transition (unemployed or looking for a significant change in their life) but all came with an open mind and positive spirit. The energy was contagious and the vibe irresistible.  I wasn’t hit up for money (the seminar was paid for) and nobody drug me off to a secret cult location. Sigh of relief.

So what the heck did happen? We studied the ways that positive thoughts and feelings can impact our life for the better. We explored  the answers to the question of what we want to acheive. The question was “what do you want in your life?” Is it prosperity? (yes please).    Love through solid relationships (you bet).    Or is it a long life of health and happiness? (of course).    Perhaps you’re just looking for success and a whole lot of money to come your way. (give me some of that).  Go here to see what I’m looking for.

What ever transaction you want in of your life you can make it happen with positive vibes (thoughts and feelings). What you send out is exactly what the universe responds with. Now that doesn’t mean you can sit on the sofa all day, think positive thoughts  and expect to receive. You will have to take positive actions as well. Do I believe it? I think I do for the most part. Providing my expectations are realistic. Does it hurt to try? Absolutely not. It does force us to take responsibility for our own happiness. No more blaming others. Try this to see exactly what your mind is capable of.

If I were to ask you the question: what do you want? What would your answer be? Come on don’t be afraid to ask the universe , just put it out there and see what happens. Sometimes dreams really do come true. Yes I honestly believe that. So, now that I’m asking, tell me: what do you really want?

I wanted to leave you with My Muse.


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  1. well,jj, if you really want to know…i want to wake up tomorrow with my ms totally gone, and my life back to normal again…but, absent those things…i want to go back & go to college, and, well, i’m actually BEST on my own…i like having tom as a boyfriend, but nothing more, no living together, no being a “mom” to his boy…is that selfish?

    Comment by libby | January 25, 2009

  2. Well first I’m glad you’re still alive and that there was no hook to grab money from you.

    And since it gets the JJ seal of approval, I think I should check this out. Does this tour around? Where do I get more info?

    Comment by Ricardo | January 25, 2009

  3. Libby, I, too wish you could wake up and be well. No you’re not selfish. The better you take care of Libby the better friend, girlfriend and caregiver she will be to others. I hope you are able to go back to school. Wahoo for Libby.

    Comment by javajune | January 26, 2009

  4. Ricardo,
    The group that taught my workshop only does it locally but I researched a little bit and came up with two links for you. The first one is the institute that started the training. They have workshops and cruises on Laws of Attraction. That link is
    The next link is a visualization exercise video. Back when I was in the medical field I became intersted in intergrative medicine because of this exercise.
    It gives you an idea of how the mind experiences thoughts vs real actions. If you visualize it with feeling your mind will experience it just as if it really happened. Kind of interesting in a metaphysical kind of way. Okay now we’re getting way too deep. Take a breath.

    Comment by javajune | January 26, 2009

  5. I updated this post with a couple links, including the visualiztion exercise. I thought it might be fun for everyone.

    Comment by javajune | January 26, 2009

  6. Thanks!

    Comment by Ricardo | January 27, 2009

  7. Your welcome Ricardo

    Comment by javajune | January 27, 2009

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