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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

My Secret Valentine

g-n-secret LOve        Love         LOve

         and more Love               Kiss                             Cupid

hugs and kisses                                Secrets                    So Cute

            Be mine                  My BFF                         I Love You

Don’t worry I’m not delusional I know it’s not Valentine’s Day but I could go for some chocolate right about now. This post is an invitation for you to post a secret valentine for that special someone. It can be your lover, someone you secretly admire, your child, your pet or favorite movie star. It could be anyone and you can post it anonymously or with full disclosure.  You decide but remember this could be an excellent way to score some brownie points. Ohhh brownies sound so good right now. No comments-I have a chocolate thing going on.

So if you’re feeling your inner cupid go to the Secret Valentine page and leave your message. Yes I made a special page just for you. If you prefer privacy you can send your Valentine to my email  I will post a few letters on the main page on or around Valentines Day. So start conspiring with cupid and write those love letters. If we have a good response I may make it a contest with a real prize. The Sofa Diary readers will be the judges. It’s up to you whether you want your message entered in the contest. Tell me your thoughts on this.


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  1. This is an excellent idea.

    Comment by Ricardo | January 30, 2009

  2. Thanks Ricardo. I hope it goes over well. It should be a lot of fun.

    Comment by javajune | January 30, 2009

  3. good idea, and you’re right, it should be fun! and, nope, i don’t have any future valentine’s wishes…but i’ll be here reading everybody else’s!

    Comment by libby | January 30, 2009

  4. Hey Libby, No valentine for Truman?

    Comment by javajune | February 1, 2009

  5. hahahah!! Truman is the only ‘man’ i crawl in bed with every night, and, well, he can’t read (yet! we’re working on it, though!), or open the card (no thumbs!), so i guess i’m shit outta luck!!

    Comment by libby | February 2, 2009

  6. Too funny Libby!

    Comment by javajune | February 3, 2009

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