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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

These Boots are Made for…

go-go-bootsPlease Welcome Nancy and her magic boots to the sofa.

Do any of you have a favorite pair of underwear or piece of jewelry that  makes everything go right whenever you wear them? I have a pair of sexy boots that bring me luck and make me feel like I can do anything  as soon as I slip them on. They are a retro style go go boot and so cool. But they really don’t go with a lot of things. I save them for special occasions, like dates with  really hot guys and whenever I need a boost of confidence. I’m not superstitious by nature but I would swear that these boots really have some sort of power. I always get my man when I’m in these boots. You can’t stop Nancy in her magic boots.  I once wore them to an interview. They were totally inappropriate but I got the job. These boots are tall, sexy and silver. See what I mean by inappropriate and hard to fit into my wardrobe. I consider these boots my secret weapon against failure.  I love them not just because they make me feel like a totally different person when I wear them, but because they bring the magic.

Junie: Nancy your boots sound awesome. I want a pair!


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Love ’em or Lose ’em

Please welcome Nan to the sofa.

I am a complete user when it comes to relationships. My boyfriend is a really great guy and he treats me like a queen. The sex is too good for words. My problem is that I’m not in love with him. I know he loves me because he has told me so on several occasions and he is now talking about marriage. I should tell him how I feel but I don’t want to lose him. I can’t see myself ever considering marriage with him but I don’t want to be alone either. We have a great time together and he really fits into my life right now. He fits in but he’s not the one. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone that I’m not passionately in love with. It just wouldn’t last. I want to find a guy that makes my heart beat faster and someone I can’t stop thinking about. He’s not it. I want to keep our relationship the way it is until I find the one. This is selfish-yes-but it is my life.

Junie: I understand how you feel but you do need to be honest with him. Did you ever consider that this relationship may be getting in the way of finding Mr. Right?


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For the Love of Chocolate

Please welcome Yum Yummy to the sofa.

You may think this confession is silly but for me it’s more like owning up to an obsession. I’m sure many of you can relate to having a craving that creeps up out of nowhere and nags the hell out of you. My cravings are more like a freight train bearing down on me at full speed. I’m an overweight woman who is always on a diet. I stick to my diet quite well in public and even in front of my husband and children. My family and friends have a hard time understanding why I can’t lose weight. That’s because they don’t know my secret. I have a love, no more like an obsession, for anything chocolate. I dream in chocolate.  I even dress in chocolate colored clothes. My bedroom is chocolate brown. It is simply ridiculous how attracted I am to anything that reminds me of creamy milk chocolate. I eat more chocolate in one day than probably most of you consume all year.  I do it when no one is looking. I have a secret stash in my bedroom closet, in my bathroom vanity, in the glove compartment of my car and even in a locked desk drawer at work. I once hid a bag of mini bars in the back yard tool shed (it melted).   My cholesterol is out of control and I hate my fat rolls but I can’t stop myself. I believe it is more of an addiction or obsession, simular to smoking or drinking.  I should seek help but I’m embarrassed.  I don’t think most people would take it seriously. I think my obsession stems from being deprived of sugary snacks as a child.  It was almost impossible to get through this confession without running to the closet for a bite. I love chocolate!

Junie: First of all no confession is silly and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your obsession. I’m sure food obsessions like yours are not that uncommon.  If you sought help from the right people, they should understand and be able to help you take control of your cravings. Good luck.


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Stalkers are People Too

Please welcome Shadow Hopper to the sofa.

Stalkers have gotten a bad rap.  We aren’t all psychotic individuals who are in need of medication and capable of murder. I have stalked exboyfriends, exgirlfriends and strangers too.  Sometimes I get a little infatuated with others which leads me to follow them with my car and google everything there is to know about them.  I sometimes keep a journal about their day to day life which may include a picture or two. I think of it as research or homework done about a certain person I envy or have fallen in love with. People are obsessed with all sorts of subjects and things but as soon as they become obsessed with another individual they are considered a stalker.

I am a stalker and I stalk both men and women.  It just depends on who has made an impact on me. I assure you that I’m not dangerous and I don’t need heavy medication. I have never hurt anyone and I’ve only been caught once. You probably wouldn’t even notice  if I were stalking you.

Junie: You have certainly painted an alternate picture of a stalker but I have to say that I still find stalkers to be a little creepy-Sorry for my honesty.


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New York, New York through the Eyes of a Drama Queen

Hey Sofa Diary readers, I wanted to take a moment to give cuddos to the people of New York. I am not surprised at the way they pulled together in the rescue of  the US Air passengers. My time spent in Manhattan has left me in awe of the day to day lives of it’s residents. It is quite a chore just to schlep your way to work and back every day. I was amazed at the lack of obesity and amount of energy these people posses. They seem to go about their business every day with little interaction until the need arises and then they pull together with amazing strength.

I am one who loves to travel and isn’t content to see only the icons or normal tourist attractions of the city. I want to go were the locals hang out to get a taste of the way real people live. On my last trip to Manhattan I decided to visit  the Lower East-side where many of our early immigrants began. I wanted to get a glimpse of  the so-called trendy Orchard street and the neighborhood in transition. I read that the rent was still affordable here, so there were many dress designers and young professionals opening up shop on this side of town. It was supposed to be a great place to experience the trendy side of the city and a few sample sales. As I tell you this I can’t help but shake my head and laugh at the naivet’e that makes me an adventurous girl who sometimes gets herself into trouble.  After a little coaxing I managed to convince my group to follow me to this trendy side of town. I promised that it would be fun and exciting. Well it was certainly all of that and then some. When I promise-I deliver.

I swear to you it was just like stepping off the subway and onto a movie set. I  looked around for the camera and a man shouting action. The buildings were very run down and graffiti covered, many were without windows. I didn’t take time to look around for sample sales or to appreciate the unique culture because I was too busy running and sweating.  I laughed (sometimes I laugh when I’m scared), I cried, I might have even screamed. Yes I am a naive girl from a small city and I have never seen anything like this neighborhood- aside from the movies.  There were  pimps in suits and stereotypical hats pulling sassy hookers down the street in their high heel shoes,  fur coats , very mini skirts with barely anything else covering their bodies.  Freaky looking  people that I had only seen in the movies were everywhere. A young man less than 5 foot tall with one leg much longer than the other walked passed me. He walked with the longest leg bent to match the length of the short one. He was wearing a three piece suit and matching hat as he carried a brief case that hung just inches from the ground. Despite all of this he passed me walking at an amazing clip.  There were gang members and drug dealers staring in my face as I passed by. Everyone seemed to know where they were going at a quick pace. Everyone except for my group, who was becoming increasingly angry with me. We were looking for the subway going up-town and afraid to ask any of the colorful individuals on the street how to get there. It was an experience for sure but I missed seeing any trendy people or swanky sample sales. Matter of fact I missed everything because all I could think about was being stuck by the needle I saw in the hand of a junkie, standing on the corner. If I escaped the junkie, then for sure I would be drug off to an alley and stabbed by a knife , hanging off the belt of the man walking next to me. Nothing like that happened.  I don’t think any of the questionable people, that I couldn’t take my eyes off, even noticed me. Doesn’t this sound like the backdrop for a movie?  Needless to say my friends refused to follow me to Harlem the next day.


New York is a wonderful place of energetic and highly successful people as long as you stick to the right neighborhood. They take in stride the swat teams running in and out of  Grande Central Station, which is a must see by the way, and they aren’t rattled by the thousands of people shoulder to shoulder in Times Square, nor do they shutter at the police with assault riffles lining 5th avenue during the Easter Parade. 

New York, New York is an experience not to be missed and a visit to the site of 911 is worth the trip alone ( that description will take an entirely separate post) but one word of advice from a crazy girl without a clue- leave your naivet’e at home.  I will say that I felt very safe most of the time and yes I am considered to be a tad dramatic at times.  

Again my cuddos to the pilot of flight 1549, the flight crew and the many civilians along the Hudson River who helped with the rescue efforts.  They are all heroes in my diary.  I just had to share; I hope you don’t mind.


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I’m a Cat-killing Coward

Please welcome Raven to the sofa.

The other day while pulling out of my driveway on my way to work I heard a big thump. When I got out of the car I was horrified to see my neighbor’s cat squashed beneath my tires. I panicked and threw him into my truck. Then I stopped by an open field on my way to the office and buried him under a pile of brush. Why didn’t I do the neighborly thing and go next door to say I’m sorry but I accidentally killed your cat? Well, I’m new to the neighborhood and didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Besides it wouldn’t make Buttons any less dead, now would it? I did feel aweful  the next day when the neighborhood kids were putting up fliers and going door to door to see if anyone had seen him. I love animals and I do feel terrible but it was an accident.  I am such a coward.

Junie: You’re right Raven it was an accident and telling them wouldn’t bring Buttons back but it would give the owner some closure. They may keep looking for him for a long time.


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Confessions of a Daydreamer


I just had to let you in on my day dream. Yes it’s a fantasy, but we are allowed those. I was cool hunting this morning and came across my dream job. I admit I am a bit of a cloudy headed day dreamer, silly heart and all around crazy girl with her feet always partially off the ground.  Well,  you didn’t expect that  June Cleaver was running this blog did you?

How would you like to get paid to walk the beach, snorkel the barrier reef, take pictures, and keep a daily blog about your activities? Did I mention that a modest pay of $150,000 Aussie dollars ($105,000 us) comes with this fabulous job? No I’m not suffering from cabin fever or indulging in one of my winter fantasies. I assure you this is real ! So real that I am jumping up and down while gazing out my window that is blanketed in a thick layer of snow which promises to continue amidst the dipping temperatures that will be in the single digits by dinner time. This would be my fantasy job. I love, love the beach and everything about the sea. I’m all over it. Want to take a peek for yourself? Check it out right here. Yes, Yes, I’m there !!! Where do I sign up, you say. Your next statement will probably be…help the employment link doesn’t work.
Can you say system overload?

Get in the long line of crazy, blog addicted, sun starved, unemployed individuals just itching for the chance to be island caretaker to Hamilton Island’s Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This list includes yours truly. Although I haven’t applied yet, I have been dreaming about what it would be like.
Why- you ask- would the Queensland state government offer such a position. It’s a way to promote tourism for the beautiful land of Oz. Not too shabby for a temp job. This fab position does end after a six month contract and yes that means you must vacate the island of your dreams.

This past year proved to be a tough year of disappointment for many. Maybe this is a sign of what’s to come in 2009…who knows. These are crazy times we live in.

Just thought I would give my friends a peek into this crazy head of mine for just a moment. Now back to your regularly scheduled confessions.


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Hot, Hot, sizzling

Up Date

Junie here with a couple comments and a little reminder. The controversy over Gifting Circles rages on and I appreciate the many comments and views from the Sofa Diary readers. Let’s keep in mind that we are all on the same side here. The sofa diary is meant to be a fun read and a  stress reliever for all. It gives everyone a chance to vent or confess anonymously. Please remember that you never have to use your real name in your confession or comments. This blog isn’t meant to expose anyone. We are all here to support each other and I do see a lot of very supportive comments here. Thank you to my regulars for giving your 2 cents and support to our confessors.  I don’t contact my confessors or commenter’s, except to say your secret is posted, but if you have a question or need an answer please email me at and I will answer back.  I am the only one who reads this email- so your secrets are totally safe with me. Remember things are tough out there and everyone has their own way of making it through whether it’s a gifting circle or standing in the unemployment line.  We all need to stick together and make this a better 2009. We will table the Gifting Circle discussion for today but revisit it in the near future. I think everyone is curious to see how this works out for those who are involved. For thoses of you who have invested keep us posted or email me and I will let everyone know.  These groups are an interesting sign of the times if nothing else.  I appreciate you all very much!  Thank you and good luck to everyone.


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Gifting Circle Madness

velvet-sofaHappy New Year Sofa Diary readers. I thought I would break into your regularly scheduled confessions to talk a little about a hot topic here on Javajune’s blog. Some time ago I posted my confession about being tempted to join a gifting circle of friends and since then we’ve had a confession from a woman who joined a gifting circle in her area.  I would like to open the floor (sofa) up for questions, comments and truths about these groups that seem to be popping up everywhere across the country right now. We have had comments for and against their existence on the two previous posts.

For those of you who don’t have clue about Gifting Circles the following is a brief description of how they work. Of course it is my take on the matter and I myself am not involved in one, so if I misspeak please feel free to correct me. Gifting Circles involve a group of people who come together for the soul purpose of  making money and friends. Each member contributes a sum of money, 5k seems to be popular, and the person in the receiver postion collects all the money. Then new blood is brought in with their money and the next person in line collects the dough. It could take months, weeks or even years for you to collect depending on how quickly your group gets new members and where you are in the circle.

I have been told it is an illegal pyramid scheme by some and that is not illegal or a pyramid scheme by others. This topic is one of the most hit-on subjects on my blog and generates a lot of controversial discussion and comments. Feel free to throw your 2 cents or 5k in (just kidding) and tell us what you know or think about the matter. The tough economic times and lousy stock market seem to generating a few new money making ideas out there. I have to admit that it all sounds very enticing but mostly just interesting.


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