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Happy V-day, Secret Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!  hearts1

I would like to feature a secret Valentine written by night man in honor of this day of love.

To Michaela. I see you from time to time at work. I am pretty old and you are young. You are one of those girls who has small, delicate, completely regular features and pale skin, so a statuette of you made of porcelain would look terrific on some connoisseur’s mantle.

And you are also a person who has practiced an art you recently had to give up for reasons I don’t know. Now you are 22 years old and an everyday cubicle dweller. I saw you looking sad for a long time, but now you look happier.

I am glad you are happier and are studying to be another kind of professional, so you can escape Cubicle Hell. And I thank you for being a spot of beauty in a huge workplace that seems otherwise to be devoid of beauty and full of sadness. It makes my day every time I see you.

Junie: Thank you Nighman, for sharing your  love letter with us- it was beautiful.

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  1. beautiful letter! it’s so special because it’s written to a woman who could look like anyone…not to a spectacular beauty or an aspiring model…just a normal-looking woman, whose inside goodness shines through!

    Comment by libby | February 14, 2009

  2. I agree libby.

    Comment by javajune | February 18, 2009

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