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I just wanted to point out that I have added a few new clicks to the site.  On the top right you will find Ask Junie and the Sexy Sofa Gallery. I thought it would be fun to have a place for you to ask for advice from me or our savvy readers. My lust for interior design and sexy sofa addiction is revealed in the sofa gallery. Take a peek and then move on to Shirley’s story about the promiscuous hens in the egg house.

Oh one more thing before I set your free. I would like to challenge all of the delurkers to be brave today and leave a message. Just say hi, leave a comment or a piece of advice for one of our story tellers. I know you’re out there; my stat tallies never lie.  There are between 50 and 150 visitors a day but very few comments. Thank you Libby and Ricardo. for your comments.  (stop by and say hi, you’ll love their blog sites) So all you delurkers out there give me some feed back. It’s time to come out of the shadows and expose yourselves 😉

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Trouble in the Hen House

Please welcome Shirley to the sofa.

My story took place about 40 years ago. I was married with two children. My husband was in the military but had served his time so we moved back home. We bought a little house three doors away from his parents chicken farm. He worked on the family farm while I stayed home with the kids. I knew our marriage wasn’t perfect and had a feeling that he was keeping secrets  but the truth was more than I expected. He started staying out all night and going to work on days that I knew he had off. But times were different back then and you just didn’t confront your husband. A few years past and a couple more children arrived before he left me for good.

I managed to get a job and survived with a little financial help from his parents. I lost so much more than a husband when he left. My so called friends felt the need to confess their indiscretions to me. They told me how sorry they were that  they had fallen pray to his seduction. There was a lot more than counting eggs going on in the hen house. His escapades came to an end when my so called friend Marylou caught him fooling around with a new girl named Sarah and threatened to tell. Thats when Carl rejoined the Navy and ran off to the west coast with Sarah. 

The biggest blow to my world was learning that Marylou, Carla, and Debbie were my friends for the sake of spending time with my husband. They had all fooled around with Carl  in the egg house on numerous occasions. Debbie even claimed that he was her first and that she’d lost her virginity to my husband! I hated them all and couldn’t understand why they insisted on telling me the truth, now. I never stepped foot in the egg house again and when I was financially able, I moved to another town that was far from the bad memories.

That part of my life is over but I desperately want my husband to admit his indiscretions to our children. I don’t know why it’s so important to me but it is.  I would feel vindicated for all the years the kids thought that their big Navy Captain Dad was a hero, only I knew better.  I didn’t want to break their little hearts back then, so I stayed silent.

Junie: You deserve vindication and your kids should know what you did for them.  But this may be a little like your friends confessing that they slept with your husband in the egg house. It will only generate bad feelings and ruin relationships. You were a good Mom and deserve a thank you but I’m not sure if his confession is the best way to get it.


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