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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

While I breathe I hope

Fingers flying , eyes crossed, and brain flickering- I’m back. My computer is patched up and ready for another cyber adventure. The keyboard is a little dusty but no matter.

img_2405  My soul has been refreshed and my mind filled with inspiration. A computer melt-down allowed me time to rejuvenate with nature.


I spent time in my sleepy garden, looking for signs of spring. The snow is gone and the tulips are just beginning to poke their heads from beneath the soil. Amidst their silence is a vibration of over-whelming energy just waiting to be released.

img_2341-blue🙂 The sun is shining through little embellishments placed here and there and the nakedness of the trees is masked by a glow of light that warmed my face.


As I ventered down the path that led me past the pond, I came to an open field filled with remnants of a long winter and a few hopeful signs of spring.


I found myself in a curious state similar to the days of my youth, as I set out to explore what lay beyond my garden gate. (These days I travel fully armed with my camera and accompanied by my fury friends, who never pass up the chance for a walk outside the yard.) I was surprised by the variety of things I experienced along the way, all the while the birds sang and the geese chanted. If you close your eyes you can hear the echoing sky in your ears and feel the crisp March air bite at your cheek, but no worries, the sun is peeking out just in time to ease the chill.


The carnage of life’s past wasn’t limited to skeletal remains. This old convertible was scattered about the field and reeked of vintage charm. Much like the bones I found, these pieces were mangled and scattered amongst the weeds.

I was intrigued by the faded green paint and weathered leather. I could just imagine the feelings of pleasure it brought to a young teen as he revved the engine in the middle of Main Street.

img_2389An empty nest waited for a new family to arrive, while emerging buds began to pop.

img_2391As the afternoon rolled in and the drizzling cold of the morning began to fade, I heard the most amazing sound. It was just like the snap, crackle, and pop sometimes heard when milk is poured on a bowl of crispy cereal. As I looked high and low for the origin of that mysterious crackle, a smile came over my face.

img_2316The magic of the sun had forced the pine cones hanging over head to burst open one by one in a joyful explosion. Their sticky aroma filled the air with a heavy scent of Pine Tar. It may sound simple or somewhat insignificant to some but to me it was an amazing feat in nature. I felt alive and so much a part of the Earth and her secrets.

As my journey came to an end and the path led me back to my own garden gate, I felt privileged to be reminded of how amazing life is.


With all the extra hardship surrounding many of the people we care so much  about or maybe even yourself, a little mending is in order. To those who are struggling today, I send a hug sealed inside a bubble of hope, floating your way.

Take some time to pamper yourself and don’t neglect your inner child.

Don’t be afraid to indulge just a little. I assure you, you’re quite worth it!

img_2291-soft-lightLife is much more exciting and a little softer when seen through the eyes of a child.

Be sure to take the time to experience the good things that life has to offer and remember- as long as you have breath there is hope!

Just breathe…..

It’s good to be back.


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