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img_2446With the change in season comes a change in wardrobe. That’s when my inner Shopping Goddess rears her ugly head. She is a complete Diva and refuses to settle for what’s on sale. There are alot of great deals out there on very wearable items. This Diva turns up her nose on what everyone else is wearing and insists on her own style.

Well I have news for her. This girls on a budget and needs a compromise. So instead of a cyber trip to Anthropologie  for a $108.00 beach hat, we went to Target and got this…..



This simple hat is perfect for the beach and cost less than $10.00 on sale of course. Well I’m afraid that no self-respecting Goddess would be caught dead in something as generic as this. I said compromise right? Well here’s what I did and it only added $8.00.



I took a few pieces off a vintage hat to sew on the brim and then raided my junk jewerly for a few embellishments to hang on the antique ribbon around the middle. The big flower on top is part of a head band from Forever 21  and retails for $8.oo. I pinned it to the top.  For a more casual look you simply remove it.


My next spring fashion project, was a worn out moon stone ring that I transformed into this…..


I took a .25 cent craft tile and glued it on top for a funky look which beats the $118.00 version at Anthropologie.

That same inner Godess that’s makes me such a rebel inspires my Chic Geek to work her magic.

It’s never too early to learn how to look designer fabulous on a dime store budget. Here’s my little Diva in training…..


At this age it doesn’t take much to look good.  A pair of Christmas PJ’s paired with a tee shirt and cotton skirt from Target and she’s picture perfect.

Spring is here but it doesn’t have to cost you dearly to look good. Shop your own closet, first, for pieces and parts that you can incorporate into something new with a designer look.

 Okay that’s my fashion editorial for this season.

Shopping is my favorite sport! She shops, she buys, she scores 🙂

What’s in your closet?


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  1. I think Target is filled with all sorts of gems. I used to buy all my purses there. And I got more compliments on those purses than I did on the ones I spent three times as much!

    Comment by SoMi's Nilsa | March 25, 2009

  2. junie, i really don’t shop (much), but i will when i need something!

    Comment by libby | March 25, 2009

  3. Libby,
    You’re the smart one. I shop because it’s therapy or maybe an addiction- not good.

    Comment by javajune | March 26, 2009

  4. Nilsa,
    I love target and TJ Maxx for purses. My attention span isn’t long enough to carry anything very expensive. The purse that I’m carrying now is from Target and I love it. It’s a mustard yellow, looks worn, (I love that) and has a butterfly image that looks like it was painted on with water colors- it’s great!

    Comment by javajune | March 26, 2009

  5. Guys don’t shop they hunt for products and leave quickly.

    Comment by Ricardo | March 29, 2009

  6. Love the little diva! My daughter has always ‘dressed’ herself too, I remember her teachers telling me how much they loved seeing what she would put together – and they knew I had no say in her choices… Fashion diva’s pave their own paths – and Mom’s who lets them do as they please surely helps crown them!
    I’m loving your blog!

    Comment by Ulla | April 5, 2009

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