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Just beyond the pink door part 3

sexy-manIf you missed the beginning go here for part one and here for part two.

Her eyes got lost in the deep dark pools that led her to his soul, she saw, she remembered. How could that be? His soft curly locks framed his masculane chin ever so perfectly, supple lips, strong shoulders, and a muscular chest all packaged in his warm Latin skin. She felt his touch course over her body, even though they were table lengths apart. She remembered his smell, the spicy aroma of smoked wood and the sweetness of a just ripe peach. A prickly sensation started at her lips and spread through her body ending with a tiny spark at the tips of her fingers and tops of her toes. She felt a primal urge to reach out and embrace each hair and every limb of his body but couldn’t move or speak. Her feet glued to the floor, her mind unable to think  her lips dripping with lust for his, they were incapable of forming the words. She needed, she felt, she ached, and lusted for this man who’s name she didn’t know but who’s touch she remembered. She could recall every detail of the old woman’s description and felt each encounter so deeply. Had this woman sent her to live out the past, her fantasy, a long lost love, or her destiny? But how did she know- the accident, the choice of detour and why did she do it? What was her motive? She envisioned they’re tangled feet and embracing arms with feverish  passion. When she closed her eyes she could almost feel his hot breath on her neck. She was trapped in a body of indecision and plagued by the fear of change.

But then, his deep eyes glowed as he winked his long lashes and turned toward the door. Should she stop him and risk her secret life so private and perfect? Can she share her life, her sensuous garden of succulent fruit and glowing candle light? She feared losing her independence by falling completely for this man. She could lead him to the garden to dance barfoot in the breeze and bathe in the warm waters that trickled past her sleeping nest.  Her mind was conflicted but she felt her heart open and her hand reach out as he passed by. She felt the firmness of his skin as her fingers melted painlessly into his flesh. His head turned toward hers, his face so gentle, his eyes so intent but his lips never spoke and… and…. he held out his hand with perfect fingers out-stretched toward hers. As her mouth tried to make words he laid a finger to her lips and…….


Did he?…… Did she?…….. Should they?………. I guess I’ll leave this one up to you.  You, tell me what happened. Sorry for the delay in the story my week has been a little hectic thus far. Today I am dreaming of running barefoot in the garden- just waiting on spring. Enjoy your day!


This was one of those perfect moments, perfect shot, kind of things. I captured this image last summer. Make a wish.  Gotta love this kind of opportunity.


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  1. said ” I remember too.” Thus begins this passionate all consuming love affair..

    Wow, I was immediately sucked in. I know I’m new to your blog. I hope you are writing stories to get published. You have a gift for words.

    Comment by Shell | April 1, 2009

  2. JJ did you goose a guy in the bar?

    Really it all sounds like fate that led the two together but yes, there is a risk of losing something when getting involved.

    Comment by Ricardo | April 2, 2009

  3. Shell, thank you for the kind words. I am working on publication and I really appreciate all of the support in blogland. I love your ending “I remember too” Thus begins this passionate all consuming love affair… it’s perfect.

    “jj did you goose a guy in a bar?” Would I do that? Silly boy. I do believe in fate like that. It happens, I’ve seen it.

    Comment by javajune | April 2, 2009

  4. jj-yes, it could be good, but most important, DO NOT ever give up a part of you!to incorporate him as a part of your life is good…to give up any part of yourself is not! big difference between compromising & giving up yourself!

    Comment by libby | April 2, 2009

  5. Those are some fine toes! And, I might add, there are some fine toes in many places on this blog!!!

    Comment by Foot Lover | June 11, 2009

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