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If you blog it they will come…

liberty-mercy Remember your first time… ? (oh yeah…) Hey, I’m talking about blogging here! You know when you first got this crazy idea to start a blog and you were so excited and maybe even a little nervous. Well maybe that was just me. I remember how naive I was. I thought, “okay I’m going to do this just for me and not tell anyone about it.” I will say whatever I want, tell all of my secrets, rant about anyone and everyone who may or may not have pissed me off that day and listen to everyone else tell their story.  I thought the minute I put up a post there would be swarms of Internet junkies just waiting to comment because everyone is so interested in knowing what I have to say, right? I know, I know you’re shaking your head…. poor naive girl, where did she come from?

I learned very quickly that it takes work to get your name out there and just because someone visits doesn’t necessarily mean they will have something to say. Let alone share their secrets with you. Well things have changed a bit but not too much. I still tell you most (okay a lot) of my secrets, sometimes in a round about way and I do rant quite often. I do get an email with a story or comment from time to time.  ( I also get emails asking for my bank account info and gentleman asking me to set them up with a lady friend for the night, where the hell did they get the crazy idea that I was running an escort service?) A few people read what I have to say and it’s fun to just let loose even if nobody is listening or reading.

So all of the above rambling brings me to this question- what were your expectations when you started to blog and have they been met? Do you do it as a release or are you trying to connect with people who have similar interests? Oh sorry that’s two questions.

For me blogging is all the above and more. It is definitely a release, even if no one is listening and a way to connect and exchange ideas but most of all it’s a form of entertainment (it sure beats what”s usually on TV)  That’s how or why the “Sofa Diary” was born( if you’re new to this blog click here for info about the Sofa Diary) . I started the book first and then decided to let it spill over on to this blog. It certainly beats my childhood diary, with pictures and everything.  So that’s it for today… I was just curious as to why you blog, I’m always curious!

Enjoy the weekend.


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  1. It’s both and more for me too. I don’t know what on earth my expectations were at the time I started to blog. I was angry, I had something to say, I was more controversial back then focusing on politics and the audience came after awhile. I think my blog reached it’s peak back in 2007 due to a few series I did. While the numbers dropped off a bit they are cyclical. I go through surges and down cycles. I’m just happy anyone is reading at all. I don’t advertise at all anymore, people just kind of find me.

    Comment by Ricardo | April 24, 2009

  2. I started my blog after NieNie’s accident, when I saw what a beautiful account of her life and her spirit her blog documented. One by one, I discovered amazingly talented people who inspired me to live fully. I also blog to make human connections…connections of the heart. Somewhere along the way, I connected with ME! At 56, I am remembering parts of me I let slip away between the birth of children…the leaving of children…parts of me I would like to incorporate back into the NEW me. **blows kisses** Deborah

    Comment by Deborah | April 24, 2009

  3. Thanks for cruising by my place today.

    As to your questions, I started blogging as a way to force myself to write more. Early on in the process I shared my poetry and some of my prose. I still do that on occasion. But mainly my blog is about me, my interests, and whatever strikes my fancy to post on any given day. I post about sports, dancing, and the military. I enjoy a couple of regular feature posts too.

    I’ve become part of a community, and that’s what I enjoy most about blogging.

    Comment by Travis | April 24, 2009

  4. junie, i have no idea why i started a blog, just, well, it was there, & i could write, so…the readers & friendships have just grown into a big happy bonus, you know?

    Comment by libby | April 24, 2009

  5. I started blogging because I wanted a place where I can talk about my acting, movies and anything else which interested me. I’m still amazed after a year that I have all these people who enjoy coming to my blog and reading what I write. I blog for the love of it.

    Comment by Shell | April 24, 2009

  6. Answer #1a: If I remember correctly, I started my blog because I couldn’t afford to pay for a domain name, but wanted to be “online” heehee. I had been reading a couple of people’s blogs, and thought, “pfft! I can do this!”

    Answer #1b: Although I seek validation from everyone who reads my posts, I really just blog to entertain myself with ridiculously stupid humor. I wouldn’t say I connect with people with similar interests – e.g., the Chief Of Staff for the governor of Oregon used to visit my blog back in the day, and other than our senses of humor we had NOTHING similar going on in our lives lol. I’ve never considered myself ‘creative,’ but I enjoy working on my creativity through my blog…

    Thanks for stopping by June, and I’m glad I found your blog – you’re very interesting! (hmm, maybe I should start working on being interesting as well…) See you next week!

    Comment by Mike | April 25, 2009

  7. Nice topic… I wanted to practise my writing. When I initially blogged, I wrote down about things that happened in the past to me and my friends… of course we had tonnes of experiences back when we were in uni… Now it focuses more on general topics.

    Comment by terrashield | April 25, 2009

  8. Ric, Deb, Libby, Shell, Mike and Terra,
    Thanks for adding your blogging thoughts. It’s funny how we all touch each other’s lives without ever having met. I love that!

    Comment by javajune | April 28, 2009

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