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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but….

img_1761OOch! I’ve been tagged.

So just as promised I will do the tag thing for Ricardo. Now this should be fun- for me.

 I had to rack my brain to decide what 10 true things about me you didn’t already know. Well here goes….

1.When I was a senior in high school my career aspirations were to be a professional cheerleader/dancer. Don’t laugh! I got as far as a final audition in Chicago and then my parents put their foot/feet down. I had no frickin idea how to get to Chicago on my own and my boyfriend refused to help me out.

2. I am a middle child and so I must be deprived or lacking something, right? I was the child that my parents worried  most about.,too trusting, too free and so delicate-  or so they thought.

3. I really thought I was adopted until about age 16 or so when there was no denying that I looked too much like my parents and must be biological. I was different from everyone in my family. I liked different things and dressed in  a different way even thought  a little differently. The day I met my cousin’s college roommate she said ” Oh, you’re the one I’ve heard so much about, so different from the rest of the family. Huh…. the nerve! My cousin’s face was barn red.

4. My family was wonderful almost perfect actually but kind of plastic-that’s why I didn’t fit in. I was real and free and couldn’t be molded. I wasn’t allowed to say anything unless it was nice and politically correct. Poop and butt were four letter words in my house. (oh yeah, I guess it does have 4 letters) I hope no one from the fam is reading this.

5. I don’t drink that much but when I do: life is beautiful and I love everybody until I get sleepy.

6. I practice yoga when I’m not too caught up with this blog…. It connects me to myself and keeps me in the flowwwww of things.

7. Nobody knows my little secret- I do everything on line under an assumed name. So who am I really? I can’t tell you because of the whole witness protection thing. OOOpps what happens if I lie on this thing. 😉

8. I have 3 little dogs. I love dogs but sometimes they are really a pain in the (4 letter word). I’m the only one who laughs at my jokes but you probably knew that 😉 The three of them fight over my lap when I’m writing to all of you. The little gypsy above is my fave shhhh! don’t tell the others. Remember beauty lies within!

9. I quit my last job because my boss was having an emotional crises and lost her mind. On top of all that I got tired of the stress and some my co-workers were really weird or strange, I don’t know how else to tactfully say it .

10. As I’m sitting here typing this post: a man I have never seen before walked in front of my house on his way down to the pond wearing dress clothes, carrying a fishing pole in one hand and a tiny dog in the other (not mine). Granted the pond doesn’t belong to me but my house is the last one on the street and it backs up to the woods and then a meadow and pond to the left.  It amazes me how many people go down there. I have to be careful because I don’t have curtains on my windows. I love windows and don’t want to cover them up. I like to look out and enjoy the light.  I would love to live in a place where glass wasn’t necessary just openings for windows, bringing the outdoors in. One morning at 6:30 am I looked out and a boy with a machete was standing done by the pond, yes very freaky!

Right now I have a charlie horse in my back leg. I know TMI.

That’s all folks now you know me better than you ever wanted to.


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The city girl escapes




There she goes on a mission to capture the perfect wildflower pic. She had to hop the fence and walk through the woods then cross this stream just to get there.  Okay now I/she is going to confess: it wasn’t necessary to take off my flip flops (I wear flip flops in the woods) and walk the stream to reach the field. There is a log across the water and if I really try I can jump it. But it looked like so much fun, mud between my toes and my feet turning numb in the very very cold water, just perfect for a blue balls contest. Did I say that?

 The little girl in me said, “hop in it’ll be fun and it was!” I also must admit that this pic was perfect for this weeks photo assignment. We are unravelling from the feet up. This workshop is all about ways of seeing ourselves and I do see myself as a little girl in a woman’s body.  I love this shot because it portrays my spirit perfectly and it makes my feet look  long and skinny- trust me they are short and oh so square.

What about the wild flower pics, you ask?  img_3303I took a few shots here and there, nothing spectacular like the pics I will share  tomorrow. BTW I’m still working on my little garden cottage. I did some decorating but the landscaping is a long way from being done. There is sod to remove and flowers to plant. So I can’t share with you just yet.  With that said I have to tell you that last night I was like a little girl who had just been invited to her first birthday party. When I walked into the bedroom to get ready for bed I saw this outside my window.img_3345 I grabbed my camera and ran outside in a t-shirt and underware. Then I couldn’t sleep until I took a look at the photos on the computer. See I told you I was like a little girl- too bad that lady in the mirror can’t seem to reflect my insides. Anyway, it was so cute all lit up by the tikki torches, just like a little cabin in the woods. I never had a playhouse when I was young so I intend to take full advantage of this one. I may even share it with the princess  😉

 Well that’s enough rambling for today. Stop back tomorrow when I have the next big idea to share-it’s gorgeous!


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