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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Ooopps! I did it again.


Caution…. There is going to be a little (maybe a lot of) ranting going on here.

Do you remember me saying that I was going to cut back on my spending ? Well I have cut back a little, okay a tiny bit. Then came yesterday; it was a rainy day and I got that nesting feeling. I decided to wash the sheets and in the process of unmaking the bed, I decided that I really hated my bed ensemble. It’s ugly scratchy and starting to wear out already. It was expensive and it’s not very old- I think I got taken on this one. 

So what did I do? Yep, you guessed it I headed to the store to buy a new one. But wait a minute I went to one of those cheap big box stores, so it’s okay,  right? Yeah right I didn’t find anything there, nothing, zip, nadda. I ended up at Target (my favorite compromise) and bought a mossy green bedspread and spring green peacock pillow. Oh yeah I had to have the striped sheets to go with it and then I came home and put a bid on a camera on ebay. I can’t be stopped! 

Well, I’m in trouble because as I sit here ranting away I’m looking out at another rainy day. So here is my solution, now everybody please play along. I’m going on a virtual window shopping trip. Come on grab your cup of joe and lets go already (caffeine makes me impatient).

IMG_1340 (2)

I have wanted this mirror for years but I can barely afford to take it’s picture, which I do every time I stop by. It is located in an shop on the west side minutes from the beach of Lake Michigan.


This mirror from would do nicely as well. I think I like the first one a little better. Yeah it’s bigger and of course more expensive.

party essentials

Now that summer is almost here I need a few outdoor party essentials. Love the drink dispensers!


I could use these pillows from They would fit right in with my living room.


dressing table

Love this from Anthropologie. I wonder if doing my make up at this swanky little dressing table would make me look any better? Like that’s a good enough excuse to buy!

Well that’s enough shopping for now. Oh I better go check to see if I won the ebay auction.   I’ll try to do better I promise… 😉 

Ahhh, the rain has stopped I may be safe for the rest of the day. Ya think?

Have a great day!


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