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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Ooopps! I did it again.


Caution…. There is going to be a little (maybe a lot of) ranting going on here.

Do you remember me saying that I was going to cut back on my spending ? Well I have cut back a little, okay a tiny bit. Then came yesterday; it was a rainy day and I got that nesting feeling. I decided to wash the sheets and in the process of unmaking the bed, I decided that I really hated my bed ensemble. It’s ugly scratchy and starting to wear out already. It was expensive and it’s not very old- I think I got taken on this one. 

So what did I do? Yep, you guessed it I headed to the store to buy a new one. But wait a minute I went to one of those cheap big box stores, so it’s okay,  right? Yeah right I didn’t find anything there, nothing, zip, nadda. I ended up at Target (my favorite compromise) and bought a mossy green bedspread and spring green peacock pillow. Oh yeah I had to have the striped sheets to go with it and then I came home and put a bid on a camera on ebay. I can’t be stopped! 

Well, I’m in trouble because as I sit here ranting away I’m looking out at another rainy day. So here is my solution, now everybody please play along. I’m going on a virtual window shopping trip. Come on grab your cup of joe and lets go already (caffeine makes me impatient).

IMG_1340 (2)

I have wanted this mirror for years but I can barely afford to take it’s picture, which I do every time I stop by. It is located in an shop on the west side minutes from the beach of Lake Michigan.


This mirror from would do nicely as well. I think I like the first one a little better. Yeah it’s bigger and of course more expensive.

party essentials

Now that summer is almost here I need a few outdoor party essentials. Love the drink dispensers!


I could use these pillows from They would fit right in with my living room.


dressing table

Love this from Anthropologie. I wonder if doing my make up at this swanky little dressing table would make me look any better? Like that’s a good enough excuse to buy!

Well that’s enough shopping for now. Oh I better go check to see if I won the ebay auction.   I’ll try to do better I promise… 😉 

Ahhh, the rain has stopped I may be safe for the rest of the day. Ya think?

Have a great day!


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  1. Anthropologie is too expensive for me, so I go and look and get ideas. Best thing is the way the decorate the store. So I go home and make things like the canning jar hanging votives, the pillows….I LOVE shopping on line, getting ideas. Although hubby says, GREAT! Just what you need are more ideas….**blows kisses** Deborah

    Comment by Deborah | May 14, 2009

  2. Wow that’s an impressive mirror – don’t think it would fit anywhere in our house! I like the summery colours.

    Comment by littlem | May 14, 2009

  3. Awesome mirror, Junie! And I have to say I keep coming back to look at your gorgeous skirt – or is it a blanket? Either way, it’s lovely. Hope you won the camera. Or would it be better if you didn’t? Von

    Comment by Von | May 14, 2009

  4. Love, love the dressing tables and the drink dispensers. Hey, I feel treating yourself with a new sheet set is a good thing! I enjoyed the virtual shopping trip.

    Comment by Shell | May 14, 2009

  5. Careful with all of this. You don’t want to end up in hock.

    Comment by Ricardo | May 15, 2009

  6. junie, the new sheets & everything for your bed sound great! and that dressing table would probably go perfect in there too? lol! just what you need, huh? encouragement…

    Comment by libby | May 15, 2009

  7. ah, virtual window shopping. how fun!

    your tootsies look nice and comfy with the new blanket and sheet set!

    Comment by Amber | May 15, 2009

  8. I want to buy everything in this post! I once kept track of all the money I spent on things I had seen or read about on the internet and it was very eye-opening. I now allow myself only one internet purchase a month (but I fudge that a little with ebay because clothes shopping options are so limited in my town)

    Also – love the robin’s eggs in top post.

    Also – re your comment: Moving is advanturous and exciting and nauseating at the same time. I would loved to have lived in one place for most of my life . . .

    fellow unraveller

    Comment by Kelly | May 18, 2009

  9. Well, I buy old radios, and I recognize ruefully that they are not really nearly as pretty as the things you buy. But somehow they seem so to me.

    Time to cut back on buying them for sure, though. I just spent an hour plotting how I could rearrange the collection so every single nice old radio could be on display. I don’t like any of them to have to languish unregarded in storage.

    You may be familiar with this kind of serious but necessary rearranging.

    Comment by nightman1 | May 21, 2009

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