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Return of the Garden fairy


The garden had been very quiet until just recently when it  exploded with color. The garden girl wasn’t sure what had taken place but it seemed to have happened over night. She decided that maybe she should investigate just a little, so she tiptoed through the garden and looked around. Everything looked to be in order until she heard a faint whisper coming from behind the door of the caretaker cottage. She approached it every so slowly and then pulled back the door. The garden girl gasped….You won’t believe what she saw.




It was the sweetest little fairy enjoying a break from her garden chores. The garden girl may have upset her because as soon as the fairy noticed an intruder, she flew off quick as a bird.



Oh no, will she come back to take care of the garden?  I assured the garden girl that these Fairies are shy but they never neglect their duties or pass up a cute little garden cottage to live in.  This garden fairy will be back when she’s over her fright.



It wasn’t long before she was back at her duties. No wonder the garden is doing so well. This little fairy has been very busy and as it turns out she isn’t so shy after all. She and the garden girl made friends right away.



The garden girl would never have guessed that she’d have so much help tending her plants. Garden fairies are cute, cuddly and very good at their jobs; they don’t require much: just a little caretaker cottage, a few flowers and a lot of love will do the trick.



So there you have it, this garden girl’s secret little cottage is finally revealed and of course the best part is the little caretaker who dwells in the garden and keeps everything just so.

Enjoy this beautiful spring day.


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  1. Oh SO sweet! The photo of her with the watering can is so precious…made me giggle out loud. That delightful little fairy is just what I needed this morning! Thank you. **blows kisses** Deborah

    Comment by Deborah | May 21, 2009

  2. What an adorable Garden fairy. If I had a garden, I want one just as cute and lively sprinkling magic on my flowers.

    Comment by Shell | May 21, 2009

  3. such sweet pictures!! that first one of her peeking out the door is so great!

    Comment by libby | May 21, 2009

  4. If I was that age I would want a military fort with cannons that shoot whiffle balls.

    Comment by Ricardo | May 26, 2009

  5. what a sweet magical story with a cute little fairy

    Comment by Amber | May 30, 2009

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