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Free-spirited… Uniquely Independent… and maybe a little radical at times


This flag was hanging next a foreign car dealership.

I’m trying to embrace my free spirit and inner passions even it could get me into trouble.  Flash back to Friday when I had to take my car in for service. I hate sitting around the dealership flipping through magazines or zoning out to whatever boring thing is left on the boob tube, so I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood with my music and trusty camera. Sounds like a good plan: good music, a little exercise and just maybe some great new images to play with. Although my plans  quite often sound really terrific there is usually something that I have neglected to consider. This time it was the neighborhood.


I love real life people and the great textures and layers that shine through in some of the less than up-in-coming neighborhoods.  I think I should have been concerned when I saw this warning sign that was supposed to deter criminals in the area. I will admit to being a little nervous especially after a man stopped me and  said “Hey girl what the hell is so interesting  in them bushes you keep taking pictures of?”

IMG_0173 4

I tried to explain to him that it was the  freshly washed clothes hanging on the line that I was interested in but he just stared at me like I wasn’t quite right in the head. So I moved on and continued to capture some interesting things like this….

IMG_0268 3

And this…

IMG_0272 3

I loved the way the leaves had grown up behind the screen of this window, the vines framed it beautifully and the blue paint peeling off the wood- well lets just say, it made my heart beat a little faster.

IMG_0183 2

I love to photograph old windows and doors, chippy paint and vintage cars. The car pictured above was absolutely stunning. It was the color of softly faded pink rose petals with a creamy white interior. I so wanted to run my fingers over the shiny paint job and pristine leather interior but I refrained. It was a gem standing out among a neighborhood of empty businesses and foreclosed houses.


The occasional cuteness, like a little squirrel peeking at me from behind a tree usually makes it’s way into my camera as well and then there are those things that are just too yummy to resist, like the peony flower below. My walk was uneventful, no stalkers, no muggers. It was actually quite inspiring.

IMG_4311 3

Some of the things I find irresistible may not strike a cord with everyone but that’s okay because I have my own individual style of living through my passions and it’s original. I’m working on a few new images for Etsy and I hope to get them listed soon, so stay tuned.

Before I say so long for the day, I need to rant just a little. The wordpress blog formats are not conducive to creativity or unconventional style.  I love the clean lines and organized look but they are way too rigid and controlling.  I can’t have a live music feed on this sight or a feed to my studio with pics of the current prints for sale and my flikr pics don’t show up. WordPress doesn’t play or cooperate with live feeds that are’nt considered trusted sites. What a bummer, how is a girl supposed to express herself here? I have considered moving my blog but I’m not sure if I would lose everything (like all of you) and starting a new blog is so much work. It is such a hassle trying to promote your site and get the  link out there. I just don’t know if I’m up for that. Why can’t wordpress beef up security or have a little faith to get out there and live just  a little? Jeezsh 

Hope your Monday includes a little sunshine mine is quite rainy so far.


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  1. Good photos again! I love the window too…I was trying to figure out if the dead leaves were in the house. Love the squirrel. My Friend, Vanessa, is extremely creative and she uses Typepad. I know it is possible to transfer everything from an old blog, but that it is a lot of work….here is her link if you would like to see her style.

    Comment by Deborah | June 1, 2009

  2. Is that the squirrel who spies on you?

    Love car also.

    It would be difficult to move to off WP, I know ut one way around it would be to purchase your own domain name so it’s just and get that link out there. Then you can jump platforms. I like wordpress but did not like the fact that I had to pay to alter my template.

    Comment by Ricardo | June 1, 2009

  3. the car & the squirrel are great! and i love the peony! we had peony bushes lining our sidewalk out by the garage when i was little..i remember they had so many ANTS all over them, you couldn’t even walk past without getting those big ol’ ants all over you!

    Comment by libby | June 1, 2009

  4. Love the photos you took
    on your little afternoon
    venture! The clothes on
    the line are classic, as
    well as the shot of the
    car! Three of my faves
    to capture are windows,
    trees, and doors. Glad
    to see I’m not the only
    one who appreciates a nice
    set of window panes! :o)
    P.S. I’ve been struggling
    to keep up with the course.
    Trying not to stress out
    about it. I just wish I
    could get more involved.
    Have a lovely week Junie!

    Comment by .kat. | June 1, 2009

  5. That’s some pretty pictures you’ve got there… I’d have been creeped out too if anyone asked why I was taking pictures, LOL!

    Comment by Terra | June 2, 2009

  6. buy a domain. do it now. whether you stay on wordpress or leave, you will have the freedom to do that without losing readers/breaking links.

    the rest? i can’t advise you on, I moved some blogs from typepad to wordress and it was easy, but the photos that I hosted on typepad are another story. Definitely takes some time. good luck!

    Comment by Katie | June 4, 2009

  7. Thanks Katie, I may just do that.

    Comment by javajune | June 5, 2009

  8. Terra
    It was a little creepy but my fault I guess

    Comment by javajune | June 5, 2009

  9. Thanks kat We think alike!

    Comment by javajune | June 5, 2009

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