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Far away places in dreamy spaces

Pack your bags and come with me- no passport required.

adventure travel

Here we go again; I’m dreaming of traveling to  far-away, mystical places. Lands where beautiful exotic things grow freely and the air smells like magic as the breeze blows little surprises my way. In my dreams everyone in this land is unique, no two are alike. Each person is valued for the special way they grace the world with a unique presence.

city sounds

There is no pressure to be successful, no reason to stress or fight because everything is free and shared. In this place there is only harmony and peace, no wars, no prejudice, no poverty, just happy rhythms flowing freely like the whirrr of a carousel spinning round and round.



It’s all there in my dream just waiting to be discovered but for some reason this place is secret and can’t be found. No matter how hard I try or how long I search, I always wake before  reaching this exotic place. So I have to wonder is there such a place of love and peace for all? Is this really a dream or just a passing thought drifting through my conciousness, inbetween  awakefulness and sleep? Do you dream of shimmering  places that can’t be reached?

IMG_0873 2

Perhaps I’m dreaming of travel and far away lands because something feels a miss about this season of sun and budding gardens. The weather has been ever so funky and thrown me off  just a touch. The days start out in the fifties with a cloudy haze and cool damp air. This lasts until mid afternoon when the sun either melts it’s way through the haze or thunder storms break loose and swallow the day. Then around four or five o’clock the sun gets warm and true to a June afternoon but shortly there after the coolness creeps back in. The weather has been quite bazaar for mid June.

Come to think of it this year has been a calamity of oddities, the weather colder than unusual with record amounts of snow and the news of an economy filled with doom and despair but then we had a little glimmer of hope with a new election and a promise of better days to come. Perhaps all of this would explain my thoughts and dreams that seem to be just out of reach. I have seen a glimpse of this magical place and it’s not perfect but soft and dreamy all the same, which is just the way I like it.

IMG_1038 sq 4

Have a soft and dreamy Monday.


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  1. Beautiful photos. I love the last flower. I want to curl up in it and go back to sleep….

    Comment by Deborah | June 15, 2009

  2. The weather has been all about rain. Even here in NYC, it’s sunny but the clouds are still lingering. Here’s to misty and soft dreamy days.

    Comment by Shell | June 15, 2009

  3. Hi,
    Just saw that you visited my blog so I wanted to stop by and see yours. Love all your photos-so dreamy. You are also a good storyteller.
    Wonder what will unravel this week with Susannah-see you there!

    Comment by Lisa | June 15, 2009

  4. …yeah, i’ll do misty & dreamy, but please can i have warm & sunny too? ;-D

    Comment by libby | June 15, 2009

  5. this is a nice dream, and yes, your images make it all the more picturesque.

    lovely lady 😉 I hope you are having a very nice week

    Comment by rootedinstyle | June 17, 2009

  6. I like this place a lot. Sounds like a little slice of heaven.

    Comment by Ricardo | June 18, 2009

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