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The pregger belly shoot and the call of the wild

belly shots

 Love, love this!

The belly shoot was definitely a trip. What an amazing time in a young woman’s life. My fave shot is the one with the little pink bunny hanging to the side. They turned out quite well considering they were taken in a small room full of stuff. I set up a little spot with an antique white chair covered in pink tulle, furry white rug, with my wedding veil hanging over the window to diffuse the light and make everything soft and delicate. There is so much beauty and magic made by the click of a shutter in diffused light.

I remember when, showing your pregnant belly was a no no. I’m so glad we’re past that era.  A pregnant woman and her growing belly are a beautiful thing and should be celebrated. The princess thinks so- matter of fact she now thinks there is a baby in her belly too.

Now there is something totally unrelated to pregnancy and bellies that I want to mention. It’s something that’s driving me crazy but also intriguing me at the same time. Okay, before I try to explain let me give you a visual of where I live. I’m in  mid-michigan, a rural bedroom type community (pretty boring)  my house is on the out-skirts of town. I live in the very last house at the end of a city subdivision. If I take just a few steps to the east or north I’m in the country. I’m surrounded by open meadow, woods and a large pond; it’s beautiful but does presents a few problems. We are over-run by critters: coons, skunks, deer, field mice an occasional coyote and oh yes wild cats. I love animals and have been known to come home with a stray or two in my day but I’ve been warned no more animals. I don’t need any more pets as I have 3 little dogs and 2 little birds. I’ve had cats before but have no desire to own one at this time- except for this one.

IMG_1443 cat

 Okay this photo doesn’t due him/her justice. (I think it’s a her) I took it through my office window as she was running away.  Her fur is short but fluffy and the most gorgeous colors of creamy white and chocolate brown, her eyes are amazing too. She’s a Manx cat (I think) who hangs out on my porch and looks in my windows but runs when she sees me. I have begun leaving food out for her as I’ve witnessed her getting thinner over the past two weeks. We call her bunny butt because she looks like a bunny and moves like one at times. It’s so strange if you see her from behind you almost mistake her for a rabbit until she turns and you see this cat head on a bunny body- it’s awesome. The first time I saw her drinking out of the bird bath I thought she was some kind of cross between a bunny and a cat. I’ve seen bob-tailed cats before but she’s different.

IMG_1423 2 cat

 This image is pretty bad because it was shot through my office window at mid-night. She hangs around my house all day and night but waits for my office lights to go out before she comes up to the porch. I waited in the dark and then snapped this- see I’m obsessed! It’s a pretty bad photo and doesn’t begin to show how beautiful she is.

Mr. Java likes her too but when I talk about luring her in and making her our pet he just wags his finger at me. It would probably turn into a circus in here if she came indoors. Two of my little dogs don’t like cats and this cat is a fierce hunter, I”ve watched her in action, so the birds would be in jeopardy. I realize the pitfalls of trying to domesticate a wild cat but still there is this part of me that thinks she desperately wants to come inside and be my pet. I may be delusional but why else would she hang out on my porch and peek in my windows- this all started before I began feeding her.

What do you think- aside from the fact that I’m crazy and have too many pets already.  Have any of you seen a cat anything like this? Am I right when I say she’s a Manx cat? I’ll let you know if anything changes or she magically becomes my friend.

Enjoy your weekend. I may have to buy a boat if it doesn’t quit raining. Maybe I should be looking at some building plans for an arch rather than trying to tame wild cats 😉


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  1. Oh I LOVE love LoVe the baby belly photos! All of them!!! You did a wonderful job setting it up…the lighting, the props…the models are beautiful. I hope your daughter kisses you every day for passing on your beauty genes. I love that cat! She DOES look like a combination of cat/bunny. Incredible. **blows kisses** Deborah

    Comment by Deborah | June 19, 2009

  2. that cat does want to be your friend…but only outside! & she has a gorgeous face!

    Comment by libby | June 19, 2009

  3. The belly shots are beautiful. She is a Manx cat. If you want to bring her in, you have to do it in baby steps. A local animal shelter could probably help you on how to do so.

    Comment by Shell | June 19, 2009

  4. I came back to look at your lovely photos again, the pregnancy photos are beautiful.

    But I am stopping to tell you about my stray cat story. About 3 years ago, we lost one of our cats, Princess Leia. She just disappeared one day, and was then found run over 8 kms away, how she got there, I can only speculate, but I was so immensely saddened.

    Then about 2 days later, a big black and white cat turned up on our doorstep. He howled and howled and howled and hung around in our back yard…this went on for around 2 weeks, I too started to feed him. I also checked him over for any sign of identification…only to find he had no microchip, and no one replied to our found ad in the paper.

    He was lovely natured, and seemed to have no bad temperament at all. So one day, I just let him inside, I named him Toby, and he has been a member of our family ever since! The only thing that alludes to his homeless past, is if we don’t feed him on time, he will go catch a pigeon and feed himself!

    So yes, sometimes I do think that animals choose us, sometimes in a time of need, and in my case, Toby really has enriched my life!

    Wow, that turned out to be an essay! Sorry! I guess what I am trying to say is give this kitty a chance, he has probably come into your life for a reason!


    Comment by apparentlyjessy | June 28, 2009

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