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Mad Tea Party Tailgate and giveaway


Are you ready to party? ? ?   Well put your party socks and dancing shoes on. It’s time for a little pre-party tailgate.

IMG_0638 fix

 We’re celebrating along side the big bash at A Fanciful Twist with Miss Vanessa the party queen .


IMG_1365 2


I sent my party fairy to deliver the invitations. “Hey little one Don’t forget to stop by Deborah, Shell, Renee and Libby’s place.” Oh well she has the guest list.



 It looks like our  the first quest has arrived. Love that skirt. Hmmm, I feel under-dressed. I think I know who those feet belong to.  Renee is that you in those red shoes?


IMG_1214 6

 Funky shoes, crazy legs and a fabulous dog. That has to be Deborah the Mid-life poet. I’d know those legs anywhere.




  Join me  and the rest of the gang for a little cup of tea. Have you seen my rabbit?



  Miss D  is helping herself  to the tea. I noticed that she’s trying to show up the hostess with a designer headpiece. I’m not surprised.



 Hurry up before the cupcakes are gone. We’ll pretend not to notice the little frosting up her nose. It wouldn’t be fitting for a princess to be seen like that.



All it takes is a little sugar before the guests get out of hand.



 Yeah, I went all out for this party and hired the most expensive entertainment. Show tunes anybody?



 I told you there’d be dancing!  Will you look at her over there. Shell  I know you like to dance but not on the piano please.


IMG_1402 5

It’s looks like some of the guests are getting a bit restless. It must be time for a goodbye tour.


IMG_1384 2 good

Goodbye Libby, goodbye everybody, thanks for coming. Now follow the little garden fairy over to A Fanciful Twist to join the celebration.




I’m sending you with a little cupcake love to share with Miss Vanessa, she inspired this Mad party tailgate. You can’t miss her, she’s the one in the fabulous outfit covered in frosting. I hope her cupcake towers were a success. Come back when you have more time to chat.

Leave a comment and I’ll enter you in a magic fairy giveaway. Can you see her? Oh yeah, that’s right she’s magic. 

he hee-you’ll love her.


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  1. This is toooooooo clever! LOVE, LoVe, lOvEEEEEEEEEEEE. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite…oh, perhaps it was the mention of, oh, MEMEMEMEMEMEME! No, RENEEEEEEE. Those are definitely Renee’s feet in those sassy shoes! (you know of her penchant for wearing see-through clothing…I thought THAT was a secret). The Princess is DEVINE with frosting on her pretty little face. Oh that last photo of Princess running down The Most Beautiful walk way in the world is priceless. **sighs** **blows kisses** Deborah

    Comment by Deborah | June 26, 2009

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous whimsical post! Thank you for letting me drop on by and share the fun! Please come on over for a visit to my mad tea party for fun, games and giveaways!

    Comment by Chrisy | June 26, 2009

  3. Cute, charming, and sweet! I don’t know exactly where else I’d go to find stuff like this on the Internet.

    Comment by nightman1 | June 27, 2009

  4. you have such a nice blog thanks for sharing good job

    Comment by sam | June 27, 2009

  5. Oh…all the stripey stockings, I think I’m in good company here! The icing looks so very good, and I’m wishing I could hear the beautiful piano music the little one has composed for Mad Tea Party Day!! Thank you for letting me stop and sit a while…

    Comment by sadira | June 27, 2009

  6. I absolutely love the leggings and tutu! But of course I adore the tutu, as I am the big garden fairy. I know Vanessa will love her cupcake you’ve saved for her! Please join me at my party today and bring your little fairy, too.

    Sharon the garden fairy

    Comment by Sharon | June 27, 2009

  7. ohhhh, yum!! thanks for the cupcakeas for breakfast! (i’m trying to gain weight, remember, that’s why i took 4…& wrapped 2 up to go, ok? ty!) and princess is awesome! i see her becoming an actress, not stopping at modeling!!

    Comment by libby | June 27, 2009

  8. The stockings! The headpiece! Everyone is so glamorous, I’d be surprised if Alice even bothered to show up in her drab blue dress!

    I hope you’ll visit my Tea Party and see what I’m decking out the party-goers in!

    Comment by Lori Anderson | June 27, 2009

  9. i’m here at last…please share where you get those stripped tights…..i had so much fun with you…i am having my tea by the sea…with flowers in my hair…come join me…hugs, rebecca/cre8tiva

    Comment by Cre8Tiva/Rebecca E. Parsons | June 27, 2009

  10. Thank you for the delicious cupcake and whimsical party! I love the stripey socks!

    You’re madly invited to my tea party, I do hope you’ll stop by (if you haven’t already of course)! 🙂

    Comment by Maggi | June 27, 2009

  11. Very cool. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the cupcakes but I think it was the entertainment that made me smile the widest !! How fun Junie 🙂

    Comment by rootedinstyle | June 27, 2009

  12. Your Party fairy Libby is sweet and I’m so glad I got my invitation. I’m sorry about dancing on the Piano. I get so excited about music, I lose my head easily. You know how to throw a lovely party!! Thanks for coming over to mine and being my first guest. Lady and Sir Bearington say you are welcome to their next party.

    Comment by Shell | June 27, 2009

  13. So so wonderful! I love the stockings! And the shoes! I don’t know which pair I loved the most. Wonderful pictures. Have a wonderful party day.

    Comment by denise | June 27, 2009

  14. Such a charming tea party! The stockings and outfits are divine. I just saw the white rabbit. I’ll follow him ~
    Have a wonderful party day and drop by mine when you can!

    Comment by Theresa | June 27, 2009

  15. Now that’s a party! Lots of great pictures and so much fun! Please come visit!

    Comment by Terri | June 27, 2009

  16. Oh Junie, I love it. This was so fun and could you plese give the little fairy a big kiss for delivering my invitation right on time.

    Yes, that was me in the red shoes. Of course it was. I know I behave really badly when I have sugar. Notice how I was lying down, well I was flirting with the dormouse and I now have him in my pocket.

    I had the best time ever Junie.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

    Comment by Renee Khan | June 27, 2009

  17. Your fairy is the sweetest! I had a wonderful time at your tea party! Have a magical weekend! Twyla

    Comment by two crazy crafters | June 27, 2009

  18. Those stripey stockings look like fun! Your party fairy is adorable! I’ll be sure to visit your friends.

    Comment by tattingchic | June 27, 2009

  19. what a delightful party you throw – the food and entertainment were glorious fun to see – and the outfits – ah….fashion at it’s finest.
    thanks for the invigorating sugar fest.

    Comment by cathie | June 27, 2009

  20. Goodness, your fairy princess is gorgeous. I’m so glad she delivered me an invitation!!

    Now if I could just get MY guests off the piano!!

    xo Debbie

    Comment by What Happens Next | June 27, 2009

  21. wonderful post and I love the little fairy, so adorable. The cupcakes were wonderful, thank you I did enjoy. Please visit me before heading to Vanessa’s I’d love to introduce you to my friends.

    Comment by dee | June 27, 2009

  22. such a fun party!
    I love everyone’s attire, too cute!


    Comment by karin | June 27, 2009

  23. What a BEAUTIFULLY MAD party! I love your pictures! They are awesome!

    Comment by Nicole | June 27, 2009

  24. Oh my. Too, too cute.

    Comment by Heather | June 27, 2009

  25. oh miss junie, what a lovely party you have here. thanks for having me over! talk about wonderful stripey socks!!
    hugs and best wishes,

    Comment by robin | June 27, 2009

  26. What a delightful party! So glad I made it. Stop by mine as well and help yourself to some treats.

    Comment by melissa | June 27, 2009

  27. TY for popping by,. Super party,very magical. Lindax

    Comment by linda woolford | June 28, 2009

  28. What a magical tea party you held, and in such sunny weather!
    Your guests are both beautiful, and the cupcakes look devine!
    I very much enjoyed my visit!

    x Jessy

    Comment by apparentlyjessy | June 28, 2009

  29. Those SHOES! All the shoes are enough to make me super-jealous. I wear a size 10, super-fabulous shoes are hard to come by. Happy tea party day!

    Comment by Kat | June 28, 2009

  30. absolutely adorable tea party! 🙂

    Comment by cindy | June 28, 2009

  31. thanks junie for the link to the tights…purple and green are sooooo me!!! hugs, rebecca/cre8tiva

    Comment by Cre8Tiva/Rebecca E. Parsons | June 28, 2009

  32. Oh dear… could the tutu be any cuter!
    Thanks for inviting me for tea!

    Comment by Susanna | June 28, 2009

  33. *:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:
    *:*:*:Make and make-believe! Tea parties are even better the second day!*:* *:*Your stockings are divine, wherever did you find them?!!*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*: *:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

    Comment by lanimozescapes | June 28, 2009

  34. This is very cute….
    Love the tshirt tiaras make you taller.

    Comment by gemma | June 28, 2009

  35. Are you still partying!?!?!? Oh My, I did not realize that was RENEE laying on the grass, flirting with the dormouse! Oh yes, now I see; she HIKED HER SKIRT up!!! We have really got to watch her around sugar…I just HAD to look at your gorgeous photos again…soooooooo dreamy. Wonderful job, Junie! **blows kisses** Deborah

    Comment by Deborah | June 28, 2009

  36. Hiya Mya! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I do remember your other blog that you mentioned! You had the cutest photos of your sweet baby with fairy wings…she’s such a beauty-like you!

    I will be sure to add your blog to my google reader now that I know that. 🙂

    Comment by tattingchic | June 28, 2009

  37. What fun! I love all of the stripey legs!

    A very Merry Unbirthday!
    Erin 🙂

    Comment by Erin | June 28, 2009

  38. The lil princess is soOOOOOooO adorable and I LOVE those turquoise tennies!!!!!!and of course all the striped leggings! The cupcake looks soOOOOOOo yummy! Thanks!

    Comment by Cinda Rae Oliverio | June 28, 2009

  39. YAY! (Clapping) a gorgeous and spelndid Mad Tea Party in your nook of Wonderland!!!! I love it to bits!!

    Comment by A Fanciful Twist | June 28, 2009

  40. Magical fairies? I love it! Thank you! I’m enjoying your beautiful blog!

    Comment by Lavender Dreams | June 28, 2009

  41. Hi! I love your blog! just beautiful pics!!I love them!! so amazing!!!
    you´re invited to my party, too.
    I hope you!


    from cold winter!!

    Comment by Marina Capano | June 28, 2009

  42. What a brilliant tea party! Serious stripes! Awesome!
    and how adorable is that “goodbye” picture of Libby- Too sweet for words!
    Wonderful visit! Thank you!

    Comment by Tracey J | June 28, 2009

  43. What fabulous photos! You must have a marvelous time at your Mad Tea Party! Thank you so much for stopping by on party day; we’ve got the pictures up now if you’d like to stop by!

    Comment by BunnyKissd | June 28, 2009

  44. OH! I almost forgot! You won one of the door prizes at my party! Send me an email letting me know where you’d like it shipped to! ^-^

    Comment by BunnyKissd | June 28, 2009

  45. I can’t see the invisible fairy?!? Oh, no! My second sight has deserted me! I need scrying glasses!

    Oh, wait..maybe she’s just not here? I guess I won’t know unless she comes my way!

    Lovely party!:D

    Comment by Carapace | June 28, 2009

  46. Oh how I wished i could have join too. I love the colorful stripes in the socks. Now where to get one LoL Thanks for the cupcake yum! yum! yum!

    Comment by MyThoughtsMyVoice | June 29, 2009

  47. What a lovely Tea Party and thank you for the cupcake. (your photos are great!)

    Comment by Sue~Gossamer Creations | June 29, 2009

  48. Sorry I’m late. I’ve just escaped my own mad party.

    I’ve had such an enchanting visit here. Ah the stockings, the shoes, the pint-sized entertainer. All magical. Hope you don’t mind if I rest a spell here before I venture back down my own Mad Rabbit hole.

    Comment by FawnDear | June 29, 2009

  49. Pretty cupcake, thank you! I love love love the tights!

    Comment by Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought | June 29, 2009

  50. So sorry I’m late but sooo glad i came! Lookit all the stockings and frou frou and fun! Lovely pictures and I think that is a cute little bunny, too!
    Yay for tea parties!
    xoxoxoxoxox Rhonda Roo

    Comment by Rhonda Roo | June 29, 2009

  51. I love that you called this a tailgate! So true! And your party was whimsically delicious! Thank you for trusting me with a cupcake to share with Vanessa!

    Comment by Jen | June 29, 2009

  52. Great party, Im having so much fun.

    Comment by HurricaneKassi | June 30, 2009

  53. Happy mad tea! I know im fashionably late, there has been so many tea parties and so little time!
    I lovve your stripy stockings and the red shoes 🙂 lovely photos.


    Comment by Roses R Red | July 1, 2009

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