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Unfolding one tiny leaf at a time


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When you meet someone new do you open up quickly, unfolding each and every petal with a willing spirit? Maybe you’re the kind who likes to take it slow, letting down one tiny leaf at a time. I’m usually the slow flower that stays protected until the time is right. Actually I not sure my blossom has ever totally opened up to anyone.

I love it when I meet someone who is completely comfortalble in their own skin and not afraid to open wide and let others in. This kind of person is hard to find. We each have a spirit that flows around us and occasionally touches the lives of others and sometimes that spirit engages in a dance with another. Have you ever noticed that happening, like the time when you met someone and everything  just clicked because you felt as though you had known this person all your life.


I feel a little anxious right now because there is a lot going on in my life. I have several projects started but not completed, my house is being painted, wild cats are living in my garage, I’m struggling to get my business going, princess #2 will be here in a little over a month and I’m taking a trip to the west coast in 3 weeks. Oh and I’m trying to get ready for a Where Bloggers Create party on Friday hosted by Karen Valentine from My desert Cottage.

blogger Party july 24

I really have to get busy and take some photos of my work space. There’s so much to do and it seems as though nothing is getting done. I guess we all feel like that sometimes, unless you’re the kind of person who is completely organized and in control at all times. I don’t think our spirits would dance well together, they may tangle but probably not in a graceful manner.


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your creative space. By nature, I’m very friendly. As I’ve gotten older, I am still friendly but I try to be more discerning on the kind of people I want to be friends with.

    Comment by Shell | July 22, 2009

  2. OOOoooo I am definitely that kind of flower that opens up right when the sun comes up and POW there I am and you just can’t ignore me. I don’t mean that in a conceited way, I am just very open and I love people and human connection. But that is not to say that I don’t have a leary eye for people who should not be trusted. I can sense evil. I love your writing style, JJ. The creative space event looks like great fun. I am a tidy person, but I always have a mess going on somewhere…So you ARE coming to my cantina for vacation? YIPPEE!!! **kisskiss** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | July 22, 2009

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment regarding my layout and header. Your insight as a photographer with an eye for these things is much appreciated. I love what you do in photoshop with HDR photog…something I am just now discovering. My camera doesn’t shoot for this but one day I will upgrade and then get into the HDR world. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | July 22, 2009

  4. oh, how we would dance; I used to be organized; I used to be more literal, more lienar—something happened—over the years….now, I am not at all like that. I so get what you are saying. I wish for more precision of execution at times….doubtful it’s coming. Support to you…wishing wholeheartedly I could play with you on the west coast when you are here—wish you were landing closer to me so we could play—next time 🙂

    Comment by rootedinstyle | July 22, 2009

  5. No, I’m not. 🙂 I don’t think I can easily open to someone. I’m not quite sure how people may see it but that’s ok really. My friends no better. Even to them there will always be those times.

    But I met one lovely ad at the same time lady who’s life is like an open book! And somehow, no matter what direction her life has been to (up or down), there it is laid on you. But see, when she talks, it’s not like you are a stranger to her (eventhough you may have just met her the first time). Somehow, the way she talk and tells her story, you would think like you’ve known her all along. That’s how i felt when I met her.


    Comment by MyThoughtsMyVoice | July 23, 2009

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