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A tail of two kitties

IMG_1443 cat

It all started one afternoon as she was sitting at her computer diligently working away.  After hours, well maybe only one, of grueling work she took a short break and peered out the window. What she saw beyond her office space was very interesting and almost shocking. It was the head of a cat on the body of a rabbit or so she thought, at first. This intrigued her very much and her curiosity lead her to follow the poor creature to his home in the woods. He was wet and hungry and seemed so alone. So of course this city girl, living on the edge of an animal preserve, befriended the beautiful creature and feed him left over roaster chicken. (That’s right he ate better than many Americans in this struggling economy.) The word (roaster chicken) spread through the kitty hood rather quickly and what started as one, became many.


This city girl- gone wild, thought she could save them all. So she locked the poor creatures in her garage where she could feed and care for them. She attempted to tame the wild beasts (who were miserable by the way) and find them suitable homes but after a few bites and numerous scratches, and an estimate from the vet for almost $500.00 to spay/ neuter and vaccinate the lot, she set them free. She felt terrible, just like a failure but then she put her human thoughts of controlling nature and the pet population aside. She began to really observe these creatures for the very first time. She watched them run and jump at butterflies, stalk little birds that were bathing in her birdbath and romp and wrestle with such glorious freedom. There was so much love and happiness in that little pack, how could she crush their spirit and try to mold them into what she and society thought was right. Perhaps her heart had been in the right place  (didn’t want another kitten to meet it’s demise)  but maybe, just maybe her mind was not in line with what was truly in the best interests of the wild beasts, who so desperately wanted to remain together and are only truly happy when they are free. Who should decide? Who makes the rules?

At the risk of becoming the neighborhood cat lady this city girl continues to feed the beasts kitty food with the occasional gourmet treat of left over seafood or chicken… and down the rabbit hole she went. This whole adventure has been so, so tiring and cause for a very long nap.




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  1. Oh my, The Princesses eyelashes! I greatly enjoy reading your writing. My cats posed themselves. They had been following us up and down the street with the large flags we put out, and as we were leaving for the airport, they sat right in the middle of the little ones. It was just so perfect of them! They are both very strange cats tho. Today is party day…so much to get ready…off I go!

    Comment by Deborah | July 29, 2009

  2. My sister is mistress to several “foreclosure” kitties in our neighborhood and feeds and waters them all so your tale is shared by others. You are not a failure, you are a kind woman with a weakness for the creatures of this earth. Continue down your rabbit hole, there is magic within. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | July 29, 2009

  3. You are going to be completely overrun with hungry cats soon. You just wait. But it’s a good thing what you’re doing.

    Comment by Ricardo | July 30, 2009

  4. you’re doing great stuff for the kitties…& just remember, they’ll only let you have a limited role in their lives…heck, truman only gives me limited access to him, & he lives here!

    Comment by libby | July 30, 2009

  5. LOL, a fun read but at the same time something to ponder on :-)Funny how common society cringed when they encounter someone not of their taste or not as cultured and civilized. But truth be known, I think even the most civilized people have an inner beastie in him. And that’s more scary cause it’s hidden. Just look at Pleasantville (oh I know it’s just a movie 🙂 )

    I hope though that those kitties won’t cause so much “wildness” in your yard LOL


    Comment by MyThoughtsMyVoice | July 30, 2009

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