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Mother nature’s spell and a deep sleep


Deep sleep leads to a fuzzy head and misty eyes that take time to focus in the morning. The cool nights have forced me into a deep slumber lately. This has been a strange summer for sure. The days are pleasant, no beautiful, with temps in the seventies, sometimes eighties and nights that dip down in the fifties. The morning is thick with a heavy dew and milky mist over the pond that melts away inch by inch. The days are dry and breezy and the nights are cool and moist. It has felt much more like fall than summer. For some reason the change of season always forces me to sleep very deeply, kind of like an animal preparing for hibernation. My mind and body have been fooled by mother nature’s unusual temperament this summer. She has cast quite a spell and it’s making me sleepy. Although I prefer a warm, borderline hot, summer full of sunny days and sultry nights this one hasn’t been bad, just different.

I’m not sure what this departure from the norm has meant or what the Earth is trying to say but something is up, I can feel it. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive and read more into a situation that needs to be there but then maybe not. Perhaps this is just a way of diverting our attention away from the state of the economy.  I am one who doesn’t really pay attention to every detail, I don’t listen to a lot of news nor do I read the paper but I have an all knowing kind of six sense that is usually quite accurate. I feel things in the air and watch the animals and plants respond to the Earth and this year feels so different, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s not.  The animals that usually keep to the woods in the summer have stayed close to the house and made themselves more visible than in the past five years we’ve lived here. I have to wonder what the coming winter will bring. I hope it will be unusually mild and short unlike this past winter that seemed to never end. For now I am going to enjoy the remainder of my summer, strange as it is.


All this talk about mother nature reminded me of the other night around 11:00 pm when I walked out my front door and was greeted by a big fat racoon. He quickly grabbed onto a little flower pot and held it out like a beggar asking for money. I laughed and tried to shoo him away but he put down the pot and came closer. I wasn’t sure whether to back away or stand my ground. I started to get a little nervous when all of a sudden the feral Mamma cat I been feeding came to my rescue. She got between us, snarled and swiped her paw at his face. He turned and ran. That was two nights ago and I haven’t seen him since. I guess she does appreciate my hand-outs.  Animals are both strange and amazing sometimes.

IMG_2856 3

Well that’s quite enough rambling for one day. I have plenty of picture editing to do and my hair needs a make-over in the worst way.  Hey Deborah a week from today I will be flying over your house on my way to the coast-look up and wave.

Wishing you a dewey day filled with beautiful reflections.


IMG_2870 2

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  1. oh my, those cherries! stunning…
    and beautiful prose from a deep and connected soul…

    Comment by doorways traveler | August 5, 2009

  2. What are these magical little berries? Cherries? Beautiful photos AGAIN! I love the image you described of the racoon with the flower pot, begging. I am drooling over your wildlife right in your back yard, and yet, I could never thrive in your cold weather…OOOOooooo, perhaps I will just summer at your country home! Splendid idea!!! I am very connected to the earth and environment also, especially the weather. Storms give me migraines…I can feel the weather changing too. I think your hair suits you very well, especially the softness of it. No need for a change right now. Do tell me what time you will be making your fly-over…I’ll be sure to be floating in the pool in my orthopedic swimsuit and shall wave at you! **blows kisses** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | August 5, 2009

  3. What a delightful encounter with nature’s little bandit. Holding out a flower pot for treats. Racoons are so unafraid of people. My mother used to smear peanut butter on the pine trees in our backyard in Minnesota to attract them. We would watch whole racoon families lick peanut butter off the trees at night Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | August 6, 2009

  4. Raccons are pretty smart. I think for the most part they are friendly but you never know. The next thing is a visit to the hospital and getting a rabies shot or something I have a friend who woke up with a raccoon in her bed! How about that?

    Comment by Ricardo | August 7, 2009

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