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Feeling like a uper

 IMG_3263 2

If you’re not from Michigan you may be confused or concerned about my spelling, so I’ll explain. Uper is an acronym for the people who live in the upper peninsula of Michigan which might as well be it’s own state. It’s detached in more ways than one. After you cross the five mile long mackinaw bridge into the UP you might as well have entered another country. The land is different and so are the people. It is a great place to get away from everything  including stores restaurants and most modern conveniences but the bugs are big enough to drain the blood from grandma, the family pet and still be left thirsting for more.  Okay the lake Superior coast line is wild and gorgeous and the Porcupine Mountains on the west side are beautiful but everything else is flat, deserted and BORING! 

Upers are a different breed, they dress in flannel shirts, furry hats and rubber boots. They smell like campfire and say things like Ya and Ah? Their big night out is a contest with the neighbor to see who can down a six pack of cheap beer the fastest while melting the rubber on their boots in front of a bon-fire .  It’s a whole other world-fun to visit but it would kill me to live there.  I don’t own any flannel and my rubber boots sprung a leak last spring.

I usually visit Lake Superior every summer but didn’t managed a trip this year.  Washington State was pretty simuliar anyway. If you manage to visit say ya to the upers for me. 

Gotta go pour myself a third cup of coffee so I can make it through another Monday morning. 

Happy Monday


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  1. What a living doll. Adorable photo. I was rolling with this post because it reminded me of when I was living in Minnesota. The only flannel on this body are the flannel sheets I sleep with in the winter. My contribution to going “green” as I gave up my electrical blanket for the cotton flannel. Actually like it better. The only rubber boots are like to see are on firemen. You are correct about the scenery. Beautiful, rugged and often expansive…I am always reminded of the opening scens from the movie “FARGO.” Have a lovely Monday. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | August 31, 2009

  2. It sounds like hubby’s family in Minnesota! I loved that movie with Renee Zelwegger. I definitely do not see you living there! Happy Monday, Junie!

    Comment by Deborah | August 31, 2009

  3. Junie oh Junie! My subscription says that you posted a new blog, yet I do not see it. Have I gone blind???? **weeps**

    Comment by Deborah | September 1, 2009

  4. I have head of these people. LOL! It’s like the people on the movie Fargo.

    Comment by Ricardo | September 1, 2009

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