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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

I see you

Do you ever feel like others can see right through you and know what you’re thinking?


Just when I’m savoring a problem, I realize that someone has an eye on me and without a word or gesture uncovers my thoughts-suddenly I’m naked with no place to hide. That’s when the rhythm or flow of free wil becomes disrupted and I question my logic, my wisdom, the plan.

IMG_3589 - Copy

Fall has come with a vengeance my toes are cold and the wind is howling outside my window. I’m desperately trying to get back in the rhythm, back to work and just be myself.

“be patient Junie, your best work comes in moments of grace”

live well,


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Longevity I’ll drink to that

 (Borrowed this image from google)

Goji berries- mircle food or just the latest hype in the promise for longevity? I’m a big fan of the Dr. Oz fan show and his book. Yesterday he was suggesting a new recipe or longevity shake, I don’t think drinking a daily longevity shake is  the secret to long life but I am tempted to try it. I found the recipe on the DrOz sight. Has anyone out there ever tried goji berries or know what MACA powder is? I think I need an educational trip through the health food store. If I mange to find the ingredients I’ll let you know how it tastes. I may just opt for a good ole blueberry shake for breakfast instead. Have a healthy weekend.


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My Brat Pack


Just a little message left along the trail in your honor. If you missed my previous post about found words left here and there you can catch up here.

I’ve been a little removed from this space and yours lately, also a little tardy and neglectful. So I’d like to take a moment to thank my dear friends for hanging with me. I would also like to thank Miss Deborah and Shell for the wonderful friendship awards they passed on to me. This next video is a tribute to my friends, so if you’re reading my blog this clip is for you. Love the brat pack, love the song and the memories this vidoe stirs up.  Enjoy!

Gotta love that!


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IMG_3987 2

I had a dream last night. It began in a thick fog. I walked for hours not knowing where I was going but still I knew I had to get there. So I kept moving onward, thirsty and a little cold from the heavy dew. By the time I arrrived at my destination my feet were sore but the fog was lifting and underneath was a beautiful table of breezy linens and fresh flowers waiting for me. A table for one. It was perfect and just what I needed. So, I’ll be dragging my little bistro table out to the open field for a little R& R this afternoon. 🙂  Can’t wait!

Fairah 020

Tiny toes, soft skin and that new baby smell, what could be better? The tiny toes and the soft skin of a sleeping baby, of course-perfect!

Wishing you a day of perfect moments…


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Nowhere Land


Here I sit in in nowhere land making all my nowhere plans for nobody. I’ve been a little cooped up lately and feel a little like the nowhere man from the Beetles lyrics. Mom, baby and tot (the princess) came down with  really bad colds just a week after delivery so it’s been a little over-whelming here. Oh yeah and now Mr. Java has it. Nurse Junie needs a raise, hee, he!

  I know I promised to visit you all very soon and I will but it may be another few days before I can get back to work as usual. Until then I’m sending all my love your way.


Sprinkles of love from nowhere land are drifting your way.


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a little off center


I’m still a little off center but hope to be back to my old blogging self very soon and pay a visit to my fantastic blogging buddies out there..  I did manage to dress the porch in fall attire. The rich colors of pumpkin orange with a splash of gourd madness is the perfect fall pick-me-up.

IMG_3453 vintage 3

Did I mention how difficult it is to type this post while looking through the smudgey lenses of little tyke sunglasses. The demanding princess insists I wear them and every time I think it’s safe to take them off she twirls around with one hand on her hip, and a finger pointed in my face, saying “eyes”  I think she already has a mom eye in the back of her head. She’s not spoiled or anything -just too darn cute for her own good!

I hope to drop by your place soon- bear with me please.


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just a quick hello

IMG_3434 - Copy


Things old and new flow together just as though they have been a part of my life all along. Busy days filled with love and sunshine give way to short nights of deep slumber.

IMG_3430 - Copy


Suger Plum Faries danced in their heads


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Baby Bliss update






Someone once said “A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.”

baby 8-15 and 21.5 inches long


Sisters are forever! 

More later!



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Baby bliss

IMG_1521 2


Someone once said:

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

Remember the pregger belly shoot? Well tomorrow is the big day. Grand Princess number two will be born by c-section at around 8 am. Postings on this blog may be a little sporadic for a while but be prepared for a lot of tiny fingers and toes  and just plain cute.  I will be busy being nurse, maid and Grammy for a few weeks.  The basement apartment has been equipped with an added nursery. I’ll keep you posted on the health of Mom and baby as soon as I can and yes there will be lots of pictures!

Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.
Elizabeth Stone


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Little words- big message


Several years ago on a warm and sunny fall day, I came across a deserted beach along lake Superior.  As I walked along the shore with my collecting bucket (to gather smooth lake/worry stones) I noticed something very unusual; every few feet there was a word or saying painted on the rocks- things like be happy, smile, don’t judge, love, etc. I instantly smiled because some soulful spirit had left a beautiful message behind just for me. What a perfect way to connect with someone you will most likely never meet. If you think about it we connect with each other all the time by what we leave behind, sometimes it intentional, sometimes it’s not.

IMG_3297 2

Since that day I have shared a little found words with strangers from time to time. The dry river bed that runs through my garden harbors a few such messages as it twists and turns between the plants. Every once in a while I pack up a rock or two and leave them along an out of the way path so someone else can experience the unexpected joy that I did on that perfect fall day along the beach.


Some day as you’re walking along life’s path you may come across a smooth stone with a positive message that was left by me for you to find. Now that would be amazing!  I love the opportunity to make a stranger smile.

“Every day your life changes just a little- make it a positive change!”


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