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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

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No matter where you are or how you feel life keeps rolling. There is no pause button or do-over in this game just a fast paced escalator moving along the path to a destination beyond. The seasons change without warning and little lines show up in unexpected places, children grow and people move on.  Things look simple on the surface but feel so very complicated underneath.

IMG_3276 2

There are moments in my life that I would like to put aside and preserve. I’d wrap them up sucurely, place them carefully in a sturdy box and then I’d place this box in a secret place known only to me.  The moment I felt as though the world was spinning too fast and I needed a chance to savor my life, I would take out that tiny box, unwrap my special moment and savor away.  Some days all I want is a slow dance with the people I love most.

You may be thinking this sounds familiar, kind of like a memory and I guess you would be right except that a memory seems so lifeless and quiet. I want the full effect, the noise, the smell, the movement- everything. Perhaps I could work on my imagination just a bit and relive old memories with a little more gusto.

My sweet friend Shell bestowed me with a couple special awards this week- thank you my day dreaming friend.  I shall pass them on very soon but  today seemed like a good day to look out my window and ramble about the things that are present this very moment. I’m grateful for many things, including you!

IMG_3270 2

Pass the love cup, please.


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  1. Oh yes, here dear, take a sip! I completely understand this. I store memories wound up tight like little movies in my head (which could explain why I have such a selective learner…I only have so much room in there). I play them back on quiet days. Sometimes they play themselves at the most unexpected and inconvenient times, such as the Christmas aisle in the grocery store and a certain candy turns on the switch and suddenly I am with my little ones in all their glory…oops, just teared up a little bit!

    Comment by Deborah | September 3, 2009

  2. Love it!

    Comment by Cin | September 3, 2009

  3. …c’n i have a sip too, please??

    Comment by libby | September 3, 2009

  4. I am ready of a deep drink from the Love cup. There are certain memories I have which chase away any sadness I have. Make me remember the past and look forward to wonderful memories that will come in my future.
    Happy you liked the awards, pass them on whenever your ready. Hugs to you.

    Comment by Shell | September 3, 2009

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