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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

just a quick hello

IMG_3434 - Copy


Things old and new flow together just as though they have been a part of my life all along. Busy days filled with love and sunshine give way to short nights of deep slumber.

IMG_3430 - Copy


Suger Plum Faries danced in their heads


September 16, 2009 - Posted by | me, photography | , , , ,


  1. What a beautiful photo of those babies.

    Comment by wildstorm | September 16, 2009

  2. **swoons** Is there any thing sweeter in this life than new life? I think not. I want to escape, sneak up to your house and just watch the Princesses through the window, unseen. Little one so fresh from God.

    Don’t forget to take care of yourself, Junie. Or are you running on Grace…

    Sending you all my love, Deb

    Comment by Deborah | September 16, 2009

  3. Yes, 24 hours…the cantina never closes and no drink limit. I had lunch with a blog friend today! Manon…she is in Scottsdale for a little vacation, from Ohio. It was great fun. When are you coming?????

    Comment by Deborah | September 16, 2009

  4. The babies are cute, for sure.

    I actually like the picture of the flowers and coffee cup better. Those colors are BEYOND GORGEOUS, and the balance of the picture is great.

    Keep up all the good work, lady!

    Comment by nightman1 | September 17, 2009

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