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a little off center


I’m still a little off center but hope to be back to my old blogging self very soon and pay a visit to my fantastic blogging buddies out there..  I did manage to dress the porch in fall attire. The rich colors of pumpkin orange with a splash of gourd madness is the perfect fall pick-me-up.

IMG_3453 vintage 3

Did I mention how difficult it is to type this post while looking through the smudgey lenses of little tyke sunglasses. The demanding princess insists I wear them and every time I think it’s safe to take them off she twirls around with one hand on her hip, and a finger pointed in my face, saying “eyes”  I think she already has a mom eye in the back of her head. She’s not spoiled or anything -just too darn cute for her own good!

I hope to drop by your place soon- bear with me please.


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  1. Adorable! I can just see her!!! Made me think of that commercial where the big football player type dad and son have tea with the little girl and she says, “Napkins, napkins!” **kisskiss** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | September 18, 2009

  2. she is the best fall decoration!!

    Comment by libby | September 18, 2009

  3. LOL, adorable is what that is 🙂 Well, when a little girl looking like that insists you wear them, you just have to 🙂

    Guess you’ll just have to enjoy the new baby in the house. I love both their picture in the previous post.


    (I was looking back through my comments and you did ask where I was from. Saying hello all the way from the Philippines. And I really am gonna carry small bits and things with those inspiring words to spread through 🙂 Thanks for encouraging)

    Comment by MyThoughtsMyVoice | September 19, 2009

  4. Hello Juni: Tell sweet knees that I will wear her glasses…they will probably correct my 55+ year old eyes. Love the pumpkins and squash photos. When you said off kilter I was thinking about the crook neck squash. Nice visual metaphor for our lives being off kilter. Of course, that is what intrigues me so about the human condition. Have a lovely, lovely Monday and put those glasses back on. Hugs. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | September 21, 2009

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