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Instinct or imagination


Do you trust your first initial feeling, that special knowledge that’s worth believing?  I ask you this because I’m trying to understand a few things  that took place a very long time ago. A few truths from my past have come to light just lately. These truths were things that I had a feeling about, knew something wasn’t right but chose to ignore because I was young and didn’t trust myself, didn’t want to ask questions and didn’t really want to get involved. All of that is in the past but still I wonder what could have or would have been different if I would have asked those questions, or said something about what I was feeling. My life went on without a hitch but there were others that didn’t.  At what point do you really know if what you’re feeling is real, not imagined, and not just a worry and where do those feelings come from? Are you an evidence kind of person where seeing is believing or do you trust your gut and act on it?

For some reason I’m doing a lot of thinking today, maybe it was too much orange vodka in the martinis last night or the hours of chit chat with my girlfriends or perhaps it’s because we watched the movie Practical Magic twice in a row last night. No matter the reason, the questions are still the same.

Have a fabulous Tuesday…


October 27, 2009 Posted by | confessions, me, rants | 4 Comments