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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Two parties and a little retail therapy

Here I sit in the office trying to be as productive as possible. It’s been a crazy past few days but totally worth it. I’m looking out the window watching two feral kittens undress the little Christmas tree that decorates my porch. I have to laugh, even though it will mean more work for me later.

The little wish fairy above has been busy the last few days making sure my Holiday was just right. First there was a before Thanksgiving meet-up, then a heavy Thanksgiving Day meal, followed by some rather intense retail therapy which concluded with a big birthday bash. After a whirl-wind of over indulging this girl needs some rest but today is Monday which means there are several deadlines and a lot of catch-up to do. 

Oh well, the  past few days were worth it, I ate far too much but had a great time. I even managed to slip in about twenty hours of retail therapy. There were some great deals and I love to shop when everyone is in the Holiday spirit. Black Friday can be fun if you have the right attitude. Now throw in a few wonderful shopping companions and the day is perfect. I’ve almost completed my Christmas shopping list  and it’s not even December yet, thats a first for me.

My last article for the examiner was a guide for the best deals on Black Friday but today I think I’ll write about the importance of buying the right bra. The right bra can make or break your wardrobe and its one of those things, too often over-looked. So off I go to do some research and write my article but first I’ll leave you with a pic of the Princess on her special day admiring her Birthday cake.

 I hope you had a great Holiday. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to take advantage of the on-line deals for Cyber Monday!


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I’m thankful for… meaningful moments

Every morning I wrap my fingers around a toasty cup of coffee and step outside to watch the day begin. I ponder the mist rising above the sleepy woodland, the leaves rotting on the forest floor, the air thick and damp allowing a generous coat of green moss to prosper.

This is the moment I fall in love with the day, silent, hopeful and posed with the unknown. With the steam rising from my cup, I give thanks for my life and everyone in it. I close my eyes and breathe in the heavy air. I’m thoughtful, thankful and ready for the day to begin.

I give thanks for my life and everyone in it…

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends


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My new gig and a great pair of sexy boots

 I’ve been up to something in the last few weeks and I’m now ready to share it with you. I’m never happy unless I’m wearing at least 2 or 3 hats and my latest gig makes about  4.

I’ve been asked to write Lansing’s budget fashion column and well I just couldn’t turn it down. It’s done under my legal name- kind of essential if I want to get paid.   Check it out here   I’d welcome your ideas for future articles.

Hear we go into a new season with the same old wardrobe that looks a little tired. If only there was a way to wake up your closet without costing a fortune. It’s time for a secret weapon to give that Plain Jane outfit a little attitude. Every wardrobe needs the perfect pair of sexy boots for a punch of confidence. It’s the ultimate accessory to spice up your favorite pair of jeans or add a kick to that sweater dress hanging at the back of your closet. A great pair of boots won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you know where to shop. Forever 21 has a plethora of sexy styles in a number of chic finishes. You can choose from a great little number like the Addiction ankle boot with great sex appeal or the Madrid riding boot. Forever 21 will deliver great style for around thirty dollars. At these fabulous prices you may want to take home more than one pair. So bring the magic to your wardrobe by making a visit to Eastwood Towne Center’s Forever 21 or shop on-line at


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I’m Thankful…


Sometimes you can’t ask for more. This was the scene outside my windshield saturday evening as I was driving home. It was just beautiful and so surreal.  It made me feel thankful for everything in my life. No things aren’t perfect, far from it, but I am blessed to have what I have and that includes all of you. Although, I don’t like the cold and I still dream of living in a little cottage on the beach, you can’t beat the wildlife, turkeys, deer, raccoon, blue heron, etc, livng  just beyound my window or the gorgeous midwestern landscape surrounding me. Sometimes I can’t believe that I live right in the middle of it all. Now go out and enjoy your day- every tiny moment of it!


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The sumptuous table

Its time to get down to business, make a plan, a theme, or at least a menu for goodness sakes. I’m looking for that extra something that makes a Thanksgiving dinner special. The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen as the turkey turns to a golden brown are nice and the festive look of a crisp white table-cloth and fresh flowers certainly helps but there’s something else I’m looking for. It’s that feeling of welcomeness, the sound of engaging conversation and oh yes, that intimate connection of family. Every year I scurry around in an attempt to make everything look just right, details, details, and prepare something  a little out of the ordinary to make the dinner extra special. When none of that really matters at all because all of the ingredients needed for the perfect meal over a sumptuous table is already in place the moment the family arrives.

*Not five minutes after posting this I looked out my window and no more than three feet away was a big tom turkey strutting himself across the yard. I guess this was his way of reminding me who is really the star of most Thanksgiving Day tables.


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My words

This little pile of rocks lives on a pedestal in my great room. I love, love smooth rocks from the cool waters of Lake Superior. The flat rocks are perfect for painting little messages. The trust rock encompasses so many areas of my life; my trust in family and friends,  trust in my faith, and trust in the universe. You have to trust!

Trust me when I say, “everyone has a purpose and everything is on its way to somewhere- I promise!”

Have a great day!


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Feeling kind-of groovy


There’s nothing like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in over 25 years. We were high school buddies that lost touch after graduation. We hugged, we laughed, we shopped it was amazing, just like we picked up where we left off. It’s funny how we think we’ve changed so much until we go back in time with a friend and realize that “hey, I am the same person I was  many years ago but just a little wiser and calmer. ” Before the day was over we both promised to meet again, sometime soon and we will. 

Last night I got out a few holiday decorations and played around a bit. I love vintage looking bulbs and ornaments like bottle brush trees, mercury bulbs and oh yes I love, love my little blue deer. He is so groovy with his retro good looks and sparkly glitter and he has the tiniest bell around his neck. 

Some of you had a few questions about the book, “A Sea of Whispers”, well this started out as a novel that never got published.  I’ve now taken the idea in a totally different direction.  Instead of a story about a woman whose life didn’t turn out as she planned, it became a book of inspiration through images and words. How does a novel become a coffee table book of inspiration, well remember who you’re talking to, the girl who changes course in mid-stream at the blink of an eye.  Wink, Wink…   This book is self-published and I hope to sell it in my e-store. I have to say that the quality of this book took me by surprise, it was superb. I was so afraid that the images may turn out too flat or pixellated or that my choice of lay-outs wouldn’t look just right. But as soon as  I unwrapped it, I feel in love. It feels wonderful in my hands and the images and layouts are exceptional. I made a couple tweaks and added a thing or two and then back to the publishing company it went. It’s not a cheap book to print but then I couldn’t except anything but the best quality. As soon as it comes back from the printer I will take some pics and share. I’ll keep you posted. Writing a book and being published has always been a dream of mine and so I decided to take matters into my own hands and just do it. I can’t wait to share it with you!

 Well I’m off to get everything ready for my son, who is flying home from Oregon tomorrow. Yeah…. I hope he’s home for good. He ‘s a bit like his mother with stars in his eyes and wander-lust in his heart. 

Have a magical Wednesday!!!



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The simple truth



Colorful but uncomplicated,

warm and true,

there’s beauty in all things simple

and simplicity in all things beautiful



Have a warm and beautiful day- keep it simple!

BTW I’ve made a few tweeks and sent my book back to the publisher, it should be available soon. (opps that was a secret)



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She’s a little quirky but I’m keeping her

IMG_3980 2


Several years ago while on a vintage treasure hunt I came across an old chair. It was simple and sturdy but what I found most intriguing was the chippy paint and delicate details.  I didn’t have a plan for it, so there it sat in my office, lonely and bare, until a few months ago when I decided to give it a purpose and adorned it with a quirky vignette in pink. The hat was found at a vintage clothing shop and the umbrella was used for a recent photo shoot but the shoes are special. They are seldom worn and aren’t the easiest things to walk in but when I do, I become a princess. Why you ask? Well, it could be the silky fabric or maybe it’s the ruffle detail and perfect craftmanship. They are beautiful but I think it’s the way they delicately grace my foot and come to the perfect little point that make them special. It takes me back to a time when I was a little girl playing dress-up in grandma’s closet. 

There is a part of me that desperately wants to de-clutter this place and live in a house of clean lines and open spaces but then that other girl with her quirky style comes out and leaves her trinkets and treasures all over the house. There are days when she really gets on my nerves but at other times she makes me smile and reminds me of the little girl living inside this woman in the mirror.


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forest sparkles and secret wishes



Drizzle, drizzle, no rain just a little frost melting off the branches. I wish you could have seen the beautiful trees in the woods this morning as the sun twinkled through the branches. The sound in the forest was that of a mild rain shower as the ice slowly melted off the trees. It was lovely….

IMG_3941 2

A few berries were left on the trees and the sky was the perfect shade of blue. It was very cold but the sunlight reflecting off the drippy branches made it dreamy. There were so many other things I should’ve been doing but there was no other place I wanted to be. The sun makes everything better- I crave sunny days and we get so few here.

Last June I began to think about what makes a home cozy and for some reason I thought a big fat cat added that cozy feel and helped make a house a home. I didn’t own a cat at the time so I pondered the idea of getting one but didn’t. Well not long after that a big fat bob-tailed cat showed up at my door, followed shortly after that by momma cat and her babies. How did they know?  A few days later I started thinking about an old friend and began wondering what had happened to her,I wrote about her in my diary and then two weeks later she contacted me.  Hmmm… Over the past few months I have been applying for jobs in hopes of supplemented my very minor income but my heart wasn’t in it. But just a few weeks ago I started to feel a little more motivated and wished for a little work outside my studio and guess what happened? I got several calls for an interview and got hired.  It’s funny and sometimes a little scary when that happens. I guess the moral of this little story is be careful what you wish for…  Sometimes it happens!

Have a great weekend y’all

(p.s. I’ve always secretly wished to live in the south, near the ocean with a little lemon tree in my yard)

wink, wink…


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