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forest sparkles and secret wishes



Drizzle, drizzle, no rain just a little frost melting off the branches. I wish you could have seen the beautiful trees in the woods this morning as the sun twinkled through the branches. The sound in the forest was that of a mild rain shower as the ice slowly melted off the trees. It was lovely….

IMG_3941 2

A few berries were left on the trees and the sky was the perfect shade of blue. It was very cold but the sunlight reflecting off the drippy branches made it dreamy. There were so many other things I should’ve been doing but there was no other place I wanted to be. The sun makes everything better- I crave sunny days and we get so few here.

Last June I began to think about what makes a home cozy and for some reason I thought a big fat cat added that cozy feel and helped make a house a home. I didn’t own a cat at the time so I pondered the idea of getting one but didn’t. Well not long after that a big fat bob-tailed cat showed up at my door, followed shortly after that by momma cat and her babies. How did they know?  A few days later I started thinking about an old friend and began wondering what had happened to her,I wrote about her in my diary and then two weeks later she contacted me.  Hmmm… Over the past few months I have been applying for jobs in hopes of supplemented my very minor income but my heart wasn’t in it. But just a few weeks ago I started to feel a little more motivated and wished for a little work outside my studio and guess what happened? I got several calls for an interview and got hired.  It’s funny and sometimes a little scary when that happens. I guess the moral of this little story is be careful what you wish for…  Sometimes it happens!

Have a great weekend y’all

(p.s. I’ve always secretly wished to live in the south, near the ocean with a little lemon tree in my yard)

wink, wink…


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