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The sumptuous table

Its time to get down to business, make a plan, a theme, or at least a menu for goodness sakes. I’m looking for that extra something that makes a Thanksgiving dinner special. The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen as the turkey turns to a golden brown are nice and the festive look of a crisp white table-cloth and fresh flowers certainly helps but there’s something else I’m looking for. It’s that feeling of welcomeness, the sound of engaging conversation and oh yes, that intimate connection of family. Every year I scurry around in an attempt to make everything look just right, details, details, and prepare something  a little out of the ordinary to make the dinner extra special. When none of that really matters at all because all of the ingredients needed for the perfect meal over a sumptuous table is already in place the moment the family arrives.

*Not five minutes after posting this I looked out my window and no more than three feet away was a big tom turkey strutting himself across the yard. I guess this was his way of reminding me who is really the star of most Thanksgiving Day tables.


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  1. You gonna cook him? For big ooo’s and ahhhh’s I recommend the Martha Stewart sweet potato souffle. There are 633 steps to making it, and you need to have the hand count of Vishnu, but provided you make it through the entire baking time without opening the oven, it is HEAVENLY. But I completely agree with you…the best thing is the gathering of the family. **blows kisses** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | November 19, 2009

  2. …and then i grabbed a hatchet & ran out the door after him…
    sorry, junie..i HAD to do that! happy thanksgiving!

    Comment by libby | November 20, 2009

  3. See I am glad that I am off the hook with having to prep for Thanksgiving dinner. But I love stopping by and chowing down.

    Who is the woman in the picture? Very interesting look.

    Comment by Ricardo | November 27, 2009

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