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The dreamy atmosphere says- they get me

I’m the girl who gets lost in the mood, the atmosphere, and the hype. I walk into a store with the right music, the right colors and an atmosphere with that special something and it’s all over for me. I’m buying whatever they’re selling. Sometimes  you walk into a shop and you just know that they get you. I had that experience a few years ago at a local boutique, Octobermoon. I walked in the door and the music playing was from an artist that I love and listen to often, my favorite scent was floating through the air and when I struck up a conversation with the shop owner I could see so much of myself in her. I knew this would be a place I would frequent often.

This is how I feel when I look at a Martha Stewart Living Magazine or my favorite publication Claire Murray, La Vie and just how I feel when I enter the Anthropologie store or flip through their catalog. I’m instantly smitten and feel transported to a place where adventure and extraordinary style meet. Maybe I’m easily swayed or just maybe I’m the kind of girl who feels more than she thinks.

So many franchises rely on sales or lowest every day price and forgo the nice displays or inspiring atmosphere and in today’s market that works. But there are those shoppers who are swept up by the moment or buy into the dreamy lifestyle rather than the price- believe me they’re out there. Working as a sales associate at Pottery Barn has made me more aware than ever that I’m not alone. The temptation driven by a feeling of plush living works its magic on many.

So tell me what calls do you answer to: price, quality, atmosphere, or just pure temptation? Are you aware of that inner voice, buy me….


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  1. You are SO the new, younger, improved me!!! I am exactly like that!

    Comment by Deborah | December 1, 2009

  2. AWE! Hi JJ:) I am also a feeler -not a big thinker-much to my husbands angst-and am moved exactly as you say by all those same retail havens. I feel like Anthro was built for me as was free people, PB, PBK etc. I love the looks that say home, comfort and love. I know it is an illusion but one I try to mimick in my space. I love your blog and am so happy to visit! You are lovely.
    ps- your strawberry shortcake is to die for. happy birthday!

    Comment by laurel | December 1, 2009

  3. In the past years, I really get clothes that call to me. An item that just glows and I know I have to have. Price is a factor, the most important is to fall in love with the item so much I have to take it home with me.

    Comment by Shell | December 1, 2009

  4. Price is a driver, but atmosphere can be a player as well.

    Living in a small community, where a shopper can likely find items at a much better price online, it amazes how indifferent and sometimes unfriendly that many of the shop owners here are. If the atmosphere is lousy, it won’t be a store that we return to.

    Comment by slamdunk | December 2, 2009

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