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A whisper of snow

No sound,

Not a rumble, nor a roar,

No echo

Just a whisper

So soft, so simple

Just perfect!

I’m sipping my morning coffee in a cozy chair beneath the leafy greens. I love the way the morning light softly slips through the leaves, I feel hidden and protected. The wind outside is blowing and the air is an uncomfortable 30 degrees but my world inside is safe and warm.

A few weeks ago I talked about my book “A Sea of Whispers” and promised to tell you more very soon. Well, I haven’t forgotten but I’m waiting until after the Holidays. It’s a secret that will be presented to Mr. Java and a few other family members over Christmas, so you see I can’t do a full reveal just yet. Can you believe I kept a secret? Me neither!

A snow storm is forecasted for today and I’m not so sure I’m ready but I guess it doesn’t much matter if I’m ready or not. It will come ready or not and you can bet that I will be tucked away someplace warm and snuggly. Perhaps I’ll sit in front of the fireplace, while a toasty flame warms my toes, surrounded by windows and watch the world around me turn a crisp, clean shade of white. Perhaps the snow will not come at all and I will venture out to the store or meet my sister for lunch. Yeah that sounds about right. It’s her birthday and she lives almost 2 hours away. Hmmmm, a birthday lunch sounds like the perfect excuse for a road trip 🙂

Better grab my snow boots and where did I put that car scraper?



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  1. OOO OOO OOO, Love the shadow/light photo!!! Fabulous. Have a fun trip…don’t forget your camera and the snow chains!
    **blows kisses** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | December 8, 2009

  2. Awe!!! Cool photo and cozy words! It is crazy cold here in my part of California- even some snow! Very exciting for the kids.
    Hope you had a safe trip and nice lunch with your sis-I so wish I had a sister but have made several friends into my sister:)

    Comment by laurel | December 8, 2009

  3. Safe travels then.

    We have two large indoor plants by back door and they are screaming for me to turn the heat up in the house; it looks like yours are nice and toasty.

    Comment by slamdunk | December 8, 2009

  4. Wow, what a fabulous photo of the indoor greens. YOu have such a gift with the shutter. I always enjoy seeing what you share on your post next. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the hectic holidays. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | December 10, 2009

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