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A simple Life without the Smoke and Mirrors

It’s a new year filled with hope and resolutions. After weathering the storm of 2009 it seems most of us are very optimistic about 2010. I do believe that this year will be infinitely better than the last but this belief is clouded by a tiny worry. Every cloud comes with a silver lining, so to speak and I think the silver lining of 2009 was perhaps a life lesson.  I believe the previous years led many of us down a path that was headed for the land of excess, a world of material bliss, and an era of me, me, me and yes, please more for me. I think we forgot what was really important and how we can enjoy life in a simple way.  Did we miss the point of our downward spiral and will we hop back on that lavish bus headed for tinsel town? I hope not!

I think this moment is an opportunity to take a look at a simpler life with a little less of the excess and a little more quality time with the things or people who matter most. We could use this fall from grace as a push to go a little greener and become aware of the natural spaces laying just outside our back door. Perhaps we should do something different, perhaps we already are paying attention and making the appropriate changes. I’m just concerned that what has been said is a lot of smoke and mirrors or that we will forget what we’ve learned all too soon. I want to remember and make the appropriate changes, even though I’m not too sure what all of those changes are ro should be, as of yet. 

I hope the world will slow its pace just a bit, take the time to breathe a little deeper, spend a little less and save for any future stumbles. Perhaps we could learn not only to recycle but to repurpose the unwanted things that we own. I think the repurpose thing may be a good theme for girls night. Everyone could bring an unwanted item that they no longer use and together as a group we could come up with a new, more purposeful use for it. I know it sounds a little silly but that’s what girls night is all about, silly fun with no rhyme or reason just a little companionship and a lot of laughs. 

Notice how I didn’t list any definite resolutions for the new year, just thoughts and ideas (rambles). My resolutions never last anyway- they’re just a little diversion that end up as a lot of smoke and mirrors. I decided to skip the illusion this year and just ramble out my thoughts to you.

I hope this New Year brings about all the changes you need and fills your life with simple pleasures.

Happy New Year!

love, love-jj

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  1. Brilliant rambling it is! I completely agree with your ideas. One of my main goals is to be wiser with my time, which includes weighing a purchase against how much of my time it costs me, and do I really want to work that much, or do I want to play in the garden more. Suddenly our parents are so wise, yes? Beautiful photo, just like you!
    **blows 2010 kisses** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | January 4, 2010

  2. Nothing wrong with that approach–I am not big on resolutions either.

    I like your idea of more quality and less quantity in life. I think it is applicable to every aspect of my existence.

    Comment by slamdunk | January 4, 2010

  3. So true. Since the economic downturn, I am also looking for ways to simplify my life and enjoy what is around me. Keep sharing the good words you have. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | January 4, 2010

  4. I love all you say. Better to let some things ramble around and come out when they are supposed to, than to make grand statements that will only make you feel like a loser when you don’t follow through.
    I also am relishing the lessons learned this past year. Still trying to weed through them for more clarity.
    Some painful some not. Mostly grateful though for all the wonderful souls I have connected with through blogging. Makes the world such a friendly place-small really and just so lovely.
    Like You Sweet Junie.

    Comment by laurel | January 4, 2010

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