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Milo and the peculiar princess

After enduring many days of blowing snow and frigid temperatures Milo’s visit to the crazy kingdom of this and that began to improve. A fabulous party was under way and he was the guest of honor.  He danced, he ate, he laughed and then the moment he had been waiting for came to pass. It was time to meet the peculiar Princess Giselle and her wee under study Fabulous Fairah. He graciously offered his hat to the princess as she inspected his dapper attire. The giggling, the kissing the sugary snacks, it was almost too much for a bug who had spent the better part of his life in Debra’s closet.

Milo with the peculiar princess of  peppermint peak

Milo with Fabulous Fairah, a princess in training

Alas it is time for this traveling bug to head on down the road for a visit to Linda at Lime in the Coconut. His journey will begin after a wee winters nap.

Thanks Debra for sending Milo on this world tour. He will be on his way in a few days.


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  1. Oh JJ, I doubt that you will be able to tear Milo away from his Little Women! Are they not FABULOUS!!! I love the photo of Milo on the piano with the dingly balls that perfectly match his hat! Watch out for Giselle, for in the future she will find this picture, and as a 15 year old, will demand to dye her hair pink! Can you blame her? How can this be The Baby, already sitting up???? I tell ya, Junie, I have some serious grandbaby envy. **drools** Big hugs and kisses for a wonderful photo shoot! **kisskiss** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | February 18, 2010

  2. Oh my Goodness- what darlings! Those big eyes and I have an ella bean that would love that pink wig:)
    Great images and wonderful words. You have warmed my heart today!
    Love Love Love

    Comment by laurel | February 18, 2010

  3. Oh these babies are so beautiful! Milo is one lucky bug!

    Comment by Ces | February 19, 2010

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