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Someone once said… “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

plant the seed, boho girl

plant the seed poem - are you a boho girl?

The mantra above describes me to a certain extent especially the part about embracing my spirituality, aspiring to my dreams and living through my passions. The unmoveable, unshakeable, unstoppable part I’m still working on.

I’ve tried to live my life in a way that suits me. I’m becoming more environmentally conscious, even my decorating is going green. Living in a healthy way and eliminating stress by spending time in nature and with my lovies.



I’m trying to reuse and repurpose where I can, as in my latest decorating project of recycled magazine pages and vintage jewelry. 

I came across the mantra above in the eco-friendly Boho Magazine It supports the notion of living green and being true to one’s self-I love that. I need another magazine subscription like I need another hole in my head but this one is different, it inspires me to keep going and do better-I need that.

It’s so important right now to think globally but buy locally. We should embrace the world like never before but  remain loyal by supporting our neighbors.

 I’m digging deep on a friday with a little food for thought. Are you a boho girl or guy?


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  1. OOooo you are quite the artist! I love the photo arrangement you did. Your only weakness is shoes! That made me giggle out loud. My weakness would be anything I can plant in the ground. Oh ya, and Margaritas! Happy Friday, Junie Bug. **blows kisses** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | March 5, 2010

  2. We’ll maybe I have a few more weaknesses like the margaritas and flowers and clothes and jewelry and… oh forget it!
    TGIF everyone

    Comment by javajune | March 5, 2010

  3. I “AM” a boho girl too and have always been. I must embrace the unusual, the ecentric, the exotic, the different. It has always called to me. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | March 5, 2010

  4. Boho all the way. I love all this passage says and think it describes you also very well although I believe your nose is perfect !
    I hope you are well. I also am trying to be more conscious of what I use, reuse and my favorite thing to do is repurpose. I L O V E your framed artwork. So gorgeous!
    Have a good weekend my wonderful friend. I hope someday we meet! I think we will.

    Comment by laurel | March 5, 2010

  5. I guess I could be. I never heard of this so I’ll look into it. Hope you are well. BTW, I got on TV. Swing by and have a look. I got pictures!!! Too funny!

    Comment by Ricardo | March 11, 2010

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