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Captiva 2008 084 by erikadroberts.

This image was borrowed form a flicker friend

In less than 3 weeks I will be headed for the sand and surf of Captiva island. I’m usually more prepared by now but for some reason, this year, I feel a little more laid back about the whole thing and a lot more unorganized. Just this week the panick of what to wear on the beach set in. Last year’s swimsuit just isn’t going to cut it 😦  So I began the painful process of looking for the perfect suit, stylish, doesn’t scream middle-aged woman but it doesn’t let it all hang out either. I would love to find a suit, try it on, have it fit and just cash and carry.But that almost never happens, instead I always turn to my old stand-by for beach wear, Victoria’s Secret. My suit is ordered and my fingers are crossed, hoping the fit is right.

Click here to see what I’ll be wearing. If I looked like the model in the pic I’d be wearing a swim suit all day long, well maybe not in Michigan…frostbite!

Spring is slowly coming around the corner, I can feel it, ahhhh!

Enjoy your weekend…


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  1. Dear Juniegirl. So sorry to hear of your friends crossing over. Just know that your friend has touched your heart so they will always be with you. Knowing that you will see them in many things going forward, they will always be with you. I’m sea green with envy that you are going to Captiva. Such a marvelous name for an island…it truly captivates. Forgot about how you feel about yourself in a swimsuit and just enjoy the glourious sunshine and white sands and concentrate on the Sanibel stoop…lovely sea shells are calling you in this 5th best shelling place in the world. You will be surrounded by treasure. Sea Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | March 12, 2010

  2. That swimsuit will look Fabulous on you! How fun to have such a lovely trip to look forward to. I was just thinking about the tea party last year and Renee visiting yours. I’ve got to go find that link now. Did she ever give the doormouse back? Happy Friday, my little Junie Bug.
    **blows kisses** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | March 12, 2010

  3. Hi! I do not know Captiva! I must seek it out! It sounds great! You will look super hot in that suit Girlie. I popped over to VS and I am inspired by some of the suits to do a funny post. So thanks! Have a good weekend my friend!
    Maybe we can hit a beach together someday ! How fun would that be…sipping cool drinks and lounging in the sun…sigh…

    Comment by laurel | March 12, 2010

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