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I love the journey

This is the little chapel by the sea on Captiva. There is something so serene about this place- I love it.

My travels south started out with traffic jams and a grumpy hubby who said we are never taking our vacation by car again-back to the sky next year. The drive was my idea. It had been a long time since I traveled afar by car, we always fly to our destinations but I had this romantic idea of the open road and little kitschy places tucked away off the beaten path just waiting to be discovered by me.

You know that dream of mine… hopping in a hippie van and traveling the us with my camera and a journal, documenting every ounce of cool and kitschy I can find.

The cool and the kitschy were not along the expressway and I didn’t take many pics, didn’t even write one sentence in my journal. I’m not sure why, it just didn’t happen.

The ride home was a little different. We were forced to get off the beaten path when the expressway was nearly closed down due to the insane amount of people heading north after spring break and the snow birds heading back to Michigan. This was a good thing!

Although I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures or jot things down in my journal, (hubby was driving like a mad man in an attempt to get out of Florida and get away from the people he claimed didn’t know how to drive, I was hanging on for dear life) I did see some things that were amazing and kind of surreal. I saw tiny shacks and mini log cabins that looked like something out of the 1930’s. They were full of life, clothes hanging on the line, junk scattered across the yard, children playing  out front and one with an alligator hook hanging over the pond, baited and ready to catch sunday’s dinner. It was hard to believe we were still in Florida or the U.S. for that matter.

Since I didn’t get a chance to take pics at rapid speed,( hubby wasn’t stopping for anything at that point) I borrowed this image of a Florida shack from

We passed tiny houses that looked like they hadn’t been changed or updated in 80 years or more. Just as I felt like we had entered a time warp, we would pass a modern gas station or car dealership, out in the middle of nowhere. It was interesting and kind of amazing too. This was the old Florida drive I remember taking as a child, very rural and charming. I guess one could feel sad when looking at the dilapidated places along the road but it just wasn’t like that. They were full of life and seemed to be a lifestyle that was lived on purpose, simpler and uncomplicated, or so it seemed, maybe this was just my romantic side believing that these people had chosen a life that imitated a simpler and happier time for them . I can’t believe how much lives differ from one area to another.

This trip was restful and refreshing but it stirred up that wander-lust inside me. I’m just itching to hop that hippie bus to destinations unknown, journal in hand, camera ready.


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  1. Lovely, truly perfection of a beach community. Love the sea blue pews that accent the bright red song books. Sweet little houses along the rambling sand and shell crusted roads. How poetic a trip you were on. SEa Witch

    Comment by Sea Witch | April 15, 2010

  2. Oh my Gosh, I LOVE all of this! I so know that feeling of wanting to do something different, and how an unruly family member can bring that plan to a screeching halt. I totally giggled at your references to my, I mean your husband :)I would love to take one of those cool road trips with you my friend just with our journals and cameras. Happy Weekend !

    Comment by laurel | April 16, 2010

  3. Yes, I can see what you mean with regards to the church. And it feels refreshing too.

    Sorry to hear that your journey wasn’t the one you expected. But the destination sure is beautiful and so you guys just relaxed and recharged 🙂

    Also, about seeing old structures/ homes – I love seeing such. We live in the city now and all you see are busy vehicles, lots of people, and buildings. Although it’s nice to live where everything is accessible, sometimes I do miss living in the province. True, the living condition is much simpler. But I guess if it is the life you have been accustomed with – then it is ok. I think the transition from the city to the rural makes it much harder to imagine to live in such a place.

    But speaking of old old house structures, there’s this particular place (in my country) that I really want to visit one day. They say that there is a certain street (I think) where the houses before were preserved right to this day. Isn’t it amazing? Oh one day . . . one day 🙂


    Comment by MyThoughtsMyVoice | April 16, 2010

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