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Grandma’s attic


On my way home from work yesterday I felt a familiar calling. It whispered, more like nagged me to take a little diversion to a nearby town.  I pulled off the highway, drove through several stops lights, down a residential street, over the railroad tracks and into a little parking lot.  The sky was overcast and  grey after a full day of rain but no matter, the place I was going didn’t have any windows, just stuff, wall to wall stuff. 

A little town a few miles to the north-east of my home is over-run with tiny antique shops, where you can find almost anything your heart desires- if you’re willing to pay for it. I quite often go just to browse, live in the moment of yesterday and hope that something I can’t live without jumps out at me, for the right price, of course.

When I first entered the shop I didn’t feel anything , no nostalgia, no excitement, no lust. I thought this trip was going to be a bust so I turned toward the door in an attempt to make it home and have dinner made before my hubby arrived. I made it halfway before I was stopped dead in my tracks by a case of vintage jewels, my biggest weakness. It was then that I felt that feeling of nostalgia, want, lust. The memories of grandma and her dresser in the attic filled with sparkly brooches, vintage hats and scarves, things I covet today.

The sales girl came over and offered to open the case. I knew once she did that it was all over for me but that tiny voice that came from an eight year old girl dying to play with her grandma’s jewels said “yes please.” Well I guess there isn’t too much else to say except I love the cameo brooch, the millenary flowers and the salvaged rosary chain that I spent three hours assembling last night. It looks great and I think if I can find the strength to part with it I’ll put it up for sale in my Etsy shop next week.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m headed up-north to hunt for moral mushrooms-yum!


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  1. Oh I LoVe! Beeeeeeautiful Junie!!! I really like what you did with the broach AND the photo. Very dreamy. I am very very very excited about the e-class! I have about two million ideas…mine are sewing. Right now I am crocheting with wire for a cuff for Bad Alice to wear. Oh, and enjoying NOT sitting at my computer 12 hours a day! Happy Friday, sisterfriend!
    **kisskiss** Deb

    Comment by Deborah | May 14, 2010

  2. Just lovely! Thankyou so much for leaving me a little note on my blog…

    Comment by Tina | May 15, 2010

  3. I love exploring in those shops. Looks like you found some gems…

    Comment by slamdunk | May 17, 2010

  4. Moumou: Kiitos! Jemina: 16 dollaria on n. 12 Euroa. Postikulut Helsinkiin on vakarmnain vain muutaman Euron luokkaa, joten tuo 20 dollaria postikuluista ei pide4 paikkaansa Suomessa. Vaatteet eive4t ole huutokaupassa vaan etsyn kautta ne ovat tavallisen nettikaupan tapaisesti myynnisse4. Eli jos haluat ostaa tuotteen, se myyde4e4n juuri tuolla hinnalla mite4 sivuilla ne4kyy. Suomalaiset ja eurooppalaiset voivat maksaa ihan pankkisiirtona, piste4 meille etsysse4 viestie4 sitten kun olet ostanut hameen ja kerron sulle pankkitilin numeron yms.

    Comment by Ali | May 21, 2012

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